Mammal’s Best of 2015 – Part 5/10



Today’s the day I knock a bunch of you off your branches. If you haven’t learnt how to fly yet, put padding under your tree before you climb up to your roost.

As I mention non-stop, I love many, many kinds of music. So do a lot of you. I know some of you, though, think country music is to metal as Voldemort is to Harry Potter. To you folks, let me irritate you further by stating that country music has some of the best voices of any genre, and it’s lovely background music after a long, lazy Sunday lunch.



29 My Silent Wake30. My Silent Wake – Damnation Memoriae

Doom death metal, UK


30 Viper Solfa29. Viper Solfa – Carving an Icon

Dark metal, Norway


28 Dislocation28. Dislocation – Emancipation

Progressive metal, Latvia


27 Ecnephias27. Ecnephias – Ecnephias

Gothic metal, Italy


26 Ascendia26. Ascendia – The Lion and the Jester

Progressive power metal, Canada


Progressive rock

06 Seldon6. Seldon – Tutto a Memoria

Rock Progressivo Italiano, Italy


Psychedelic & space rock

06 Strawberry Girls6. Strawberry Girls – American Graffiti

Psychedelic groove, USA


Jazz & jazz-related

06 Gavin Harrison6. Gavin Harrison – Cheating the Polygraph

Jazz-prog fusion, UK


Other music

06 Billy Currington6. Billy Currington – Little Bit of Everything

Country, USA



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