Mammal’s Best of 2015 – Part 4/10



I’ve loved music since the day I was born. I remember it well. The midwife delivered me just after eight in the morning on February 9, 1950. I thought she had kind eyes. My opinion changed when she snipped my umbilical cord.

My mother combed my fur and said to the midwife, “It’s interesting.” Then she added, “What species is it?”

“We’ll know soon,” the midwife replied. “We’ve sent some of its blood to the entomologists and some of its pollen to the botanists. Meanwhile, train it to climb a trellis and play it something with good riffs.” My mother chose these albums for me and I’ve loved them through all the subsequent decades.

Could that be why there’s cross-genre strain of psychedelia in today’s selections?


35 Meta-Stasis35. Meta-Stasis – The Paradox of Metanoia

Technical death metal, Gibraltar


34 Space Mirrors34. Space Mirrors – Stella Polaris

Psychedelic/space metal, Russia


33 Finsterforst33. Finsterforst – Mach Dich Frei

Stoner doom metal, Ukraine


32 Melted Space32. Melted Space – The Great Lie

Symphonic metal, France


31 Wolfhorde31. Architects of Evolution – Global

Deathcore, Australia


Progressive rock

07 Neo-Prophet7. Neo-Prophet – T.I.M.E

Neo-progressive rock, Belgium


Psychedelic & space rock

07 Mimes On Rollercoasters7. Mimes on Rollercoasters – 3

Psychedelic/space rock, USA


Jazz & jazz-related

LBE-TGA7. The Grand Astoria – The Mighty Few

Psychedelic stoner jazz, Russia


Other music

07 Lycia7. Lycia – A Line That Connects

Darkwave, USA




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  1. Glad to see Finsterforst on the list. This one took me by surprise…generally not into that style much, but they did a great job.

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