Mammal’s Best of 2015 – Part 1/10


The grim-faced troops brace themselves. The whistle blows and the sergeant yells, “Over the top, men!” They emerge from the trench to a hailstorm of machine-gun bullets.

I’m glad my sorting of hundreds of albums in various categories wasn’t anything like that, except for the “over the top” part. Or maybe “overboard” would be a better word. I cannot contain myself, not only because of my expanding waistline but because I love so many kinds of music. Last year didn’t disappoint me; 2015 was a great year for all the main genres I’ve grown to love during my two-thirds of a century.

I like to post my Best Of lists after the year-end just in case something extraordinary is released before New Year. All of my lists are up to date to December 31. My emphasis is on metal because this site isn’t “A Pop-Rock State Of Mind”, and if it was I wouldn’t be here. My deepest thanks go to my Metal State colleagues, however, for having me in their ranks as the Other Music guy as well as a metalhead. We know how many metal lovers also love other kinds of music. It would be greatly wonderful and blissful and stuff if some of you like some of my Other Music as well as some of my metal choices.

I’m posting my picks without comment or explanation. Any Best Of list is totally subjective. I’m not “selling” my selections to anyone. I’ve already sold them to me.

So, over the top we go! Mosher overboard! Prepare for take-off! In addition to that, have a fantastically glorious 2016.



50 Mistweaver50. Mistweaver — Nocturnal Bloodshed

Melodic death metal, Spain


49 Royal Thunder49. Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors

Heavy rock,USA


48 Amanita Virosa48. Amanita Virosa – Asystole

Melodic death/black “hospital” metal, Finland


47 Northland47. Northland – Downfall and Rebirth

Folk death metal, Spain


46 Nechochwen46. Nechochwen – Heart of Akamon

Pagan folk metal, USA


Progressive rock

10 District 9710. District 97 – In Vaults

Crossover progressive rock, USA


Psychedelic & space rock

10 Kayleth10. Kayleth – Space Muffin

Space rock, Italy


Jazz & jazz-related

10 Crazy P10. Crazy P – Walk Dance Talk Sing

Electronic jazz / deep house, UK


Other music

10 Lucid Fly10. Lucid Fly – Stasis (EP)

Indie rock, USA


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  1. I have never heard of any of these bands. I’m digging Royal Thunder, Nechochwen, Kayleth and really liking District 97. I have a soft spot for strong female lead singers, and the other members of the band are strong. I especially like the guitar work.

  2. ChristopherMammal

    I’m very glad you like some of those songs.I hope you’ll like plenty in the remaining nine posts! What you’ve enjoyed so far shows you have a pretty wide taste in music, from the heavy to the lyrical.

    • I do have a wide taste in music. I am not as into the death metal mainly for the vocal style, but I still appreciate the ability, and usually the guitar work is great. I am sure I will find a ton more to like. Thanks for posting.

  3. Royal Thunder was popular this year…

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