EP Review: Every Hour Kills

Every Hour Kills - Every Hour Kills EP Cover 2Album:  Every Hour Kills EP

Release Date:  18 Sept 2015

Label:  N/A

Songs: 5, plus same songs five as instrumental versions, plus one demo

Length:  20 Minutes for five original songs

Genre:  Melodic Metal / Electronic / Djent / Alternative

Previous Albums:  N/A

FFO:  Soilwork, Sevendust, Lacuna Coil, Celldweller

Location: Calgary, Canada

I tend to get wrapped up in a comfort zone of reviewing music I know or at least bands that fall into genres I am comfortable with; usually death, thrash, and any variation of anything progressive.  Canada’s Every Hour Kills is challenging me because of the profound electronic presence in their songs; something I tend to shy away from for no real explanation except that…I shy away from it.  I wouldn’t say they rely heavily on the electronic elements, but for my taste, it is more than usual.

Where the album grabs me is that it is highly melodic.  Not to be confused with cheesy.  While melody is all over this EP, things do get quite heavy.  The vocals are strong, clean, and understandable, but can be grittier when the need arises.  For this style of music (with emphasis on electronic parts), it’s surprising to hear frequent and aggressive double bass drumming, guitar solos, and headbanging cadences just like you would a straightforward metal band…meaning one without programming.  Throw in synthesized elements and it takes the music in a different direction.  Dare I say, Every Hour Kills one of the few bands I’ve heard that can combine electronic segments with melodic metal and make it work.

Though the EP is short as they all tend to be, adding in instrumental versions of their five original tracks puts a different (mostly heavier) perspective on their songs and gives the EP a bit more depth.  Setting aside my bias for death and thrash metal, they mix melodic metal and electronic programming into something I found enjoyable and much different from what I spin on a daily basis.  3.5 Out of 5


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