Roundtable Review: Meliora by Ghost (B.C.)

ghostmelioracdAlbum Review: Ghost – Meliora

Label: Lorna Vista Records (USA), Spinefarm/Rise Above (Europe)

Release Date: Aug. 21st, 2015

Songs: 10

Length: 41:35

Genre: Doom Metal/Psychedelic Rock/Pop

Studio Albums: Opus Eponymous, Infestissumam

Location: Linköping, Sweden

WarpRider – I think I am going to have the least amount to say simply because so many cool things have been said already. Meliora is a continuation of the cool vibe that Ghost has thrust upon us since Opus Eponymous. While it may be a bit heavier and catchier, that jazzy 60s vibe is just as infectious ever. Seriously, can’t get enough of it. My personal favorite song is track #2, from the ‘Pinnacle to the Pit’. It’s a great song; one of the heavier of the album. Absolution is another song that gets a bit more play than the rest. Papa Emeritus III has an enchanting vocal style, just like his predecessors (wink, wink).

Overall, Ghost is holding strong with another quality release. If I had one complaint, it’s that there aren’t enough songs. With two being interludes, more or less, that leaves eight actual songs for public consumption. My selfish ass isn’t satisfied with that. But, based on quality, not quantity Meliora is worthy of this rating. 5 out of 5


RiffRaff – Line drive down the center and Ghost whack it out of the park for a Grand Slam! Everything I love about Ghost is amplified to the tenth on Meliora. It’s heavier, it’s catchier, it’s groovier, it’s Satan-ier! Saying that I am enjoying Meliora more than Opus Eponymous, an album I hail as the greatest record to be released in the past ten years, is no slight statement. From tongue-in-cheek bangers like ‘Mummy Dust’ to pop rock ballads like ‘He Is’ there is no lack for variety or exceptional songwriting. In fact, there isn’t a single song on Meliora that I don’t absolutely love or feel is weaker than one of the others; well maybe ‘Spöksonat’ and ‘Devil Church’ since they are just a nice little instrumental interludes.

One thing I thing that I think that makes Meliora such a success is Ghost still revolving every song around Satan, but not being as blunt about it. This leads to them approaching things from different angles and just being all round more clever, especially in the lyrics. And Hot Hell!! The lyrics here are outstanding. Look at the lead single ‘Cirice’ (Old English for ‘Church’): lyrics. The church wishes that they could write hymns so simple yet powerful. And delivered by the smooth and inviting voice of Papa Emeritus III their power just sends chills down my spine.

Ghost has hit a perfect balance of taking the piss and being hammy with an air of seriousness and being downright genuine. Meliora is genre defying, groundbreaking, catchier than a cold, heartfelt, and most importantly, fun fun fun. If you buy just one album this year, make it Ghost! 666 out of 5



Irmelinis – It really is as good as they say. It’s at #8 on the fucking Billboard list! That’s a list on which I usually don’t find any of my musical obsessions… however, Ghost has me completely hypnotized again. Meliora is heavier and more metal than their previous albums, though it’s lacking a bit in the creepy-occult and elusive undertone that was heavily present in Infestissumam (most notable in ‘Secular Haze’ and ‘Year Zero’) that captured my attention and made me love the band in the first place. It’s not a big deal, because in the best Queen-fashion Papa Emeritus smothers the songs with his angelic, extravagant voice and it doesn’t take many seconds before I want to throw myself into the arms of the riffing nameless ghouls and beg them to sacrifice me to the Dark Lord. The heavy riffs are spectacular , listen to “Cirice” and “Mummy Dust” especially for this, the vibrating bass in the slower Beatles-like track “He Is” is another favourite part of mine.

Also, they are the only band that can put a pulsating organ (yes, I’m talking about the instrument) to good use without sounding obnoxious. Every track is as entertaining as ever, and I expect their upcoming live shows to be the same. Meliora gives us a message about the concept of happiness, and how we’ve managed to royally screw that up – but I’ll tell you, buy a ticket to a Ghost’s concert and you will find real happiness. Worshipping Satan is the way to go! 5 out of 5

ChristopherMammal – There’s a secret about Ghost that nobody knows. The members of the band don’t know it. I don’t know it. It’s this: The members of the band are 72 years old. They were in their mid-twenties when they recorded Meliora in 1968. I was 18 years old and deeply in love with the fascinating sounds of a new genre, psychedelic rock.

In the nearly five decades since then there have been any number of gigantic psychedelic bands and equally monstrous albums, all the way from The Moody Blues, through Hawkwind and right up to Ozric Tentacles. They’re some of my favourite albums ever.

The reason Ghost released Meliora only this year is that they didn’t want to show up those great bands by being better than them. OK, so Ghost do have an edge on the older bands by virtue of embracing many other genres, including flavours of their old heavy metal in songs like “Mummy Dust” and “Absolution” as well as progressive folk and their highly intelligent occult rock. They add to that edge by being almost unbelievably musical and original. So here I am, closer to 70 than 60 myself, and in Meliora I believe I’ve had the privilege of delighting in the best psychedelic album I’ve ever heard.

Where’s that symbol for my rating? Ah, here: out of 5.

A Metal State of Mind Score –5 out of 5


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  1. Love the album art too 🙂

  2. Still just knowing the debut plus the singles, I still don’t get it why this band has become so huge and is respected so much for their music. Call me philistine, but it’s just quite good pseudo doomy Pop Rock, but really not in any way special songs plus a gigantic amount of image i.e. brilliant artworks, costumes and a good sense for how to trigger the right spots for attention. There has come out so much truly brilliant and unique music lately by bands that would be lucky for a bit of the attention this band gets.

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