Album Review: Fear Factory – Genexus

downloadAlbum:  Genexus

Label:  Nuclear Blast

Release Date:  7 Aug 2015

Songs:  12

Length:  60 Minutes

Genre:  Thrash / Industrial

Previous Albums:  Soul of a New Machine (1992); Demanufacture (1995); Obsolete (1998); Digimortal (2001); Archetype (2004); Transgression (2005); Mechanize (2010); The Industrialist (2012)

Location:  United States

A great and wise man said that the new Fear Factory sounds like the Slayer of the 90s.  As I pondered such a thought I was taken aback by this statement.  Was the great and wise man a fan of Slayer of the 90s?  In the 90s, I saw a Slayer headline with Fear Factory as the supporting act.  What an amazing coincidence, I thought.  Did the great and wise man know this?  Did he read my mind?  Hack into my computer?  Did he see that tour too?  I asked the great and wise Matt what he meant.  He said that “Slayer was consistent, but not really doing anything new” or something close to that affect.  He hit the nail on the head concerning Fear Factory’s latest output.

I like Genexus.  Let’s just get this out there.  It isn’t taking the band in a new direction though.  The long-standing members Bell and Cazares have a chokehold on technological advancement themes; man versus machine, machine versus man, man cooks omelets for machine, machine eats man, man becomes a cyborg in the new Robocop movie…I think you get it.  Fear Factory doesn’t seem to have anything else on their mind these days.  So, here we go again for the ninth time.  One’s got to admire their consistency…as much as Slayer in the 90s.

Personally, Genexus falls right in line the with Demanufacture/Obsolete albums; my personal favorite time for Fear Factory enjoyment.  This should please long-time fans looking for those choppy industrial riffs and groovy rhythm.  Though Genexus doesn’t really come out and kill it at the start of the album; it’s fairly predictable, standard Fear Factory.  The third track, Dielectric caught my ear; it’s a faster tempo song with some good cleans on Bell’s part.  Soul Hacker though, did something tingly to my nipples.  I honestly couldn’t tell you what the song is about…probably something to do with a man or machine or a combination of both, but the music was great gym music.  Its groove is very motivating.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Regenerate ends up being played on radio stations; one’s that give a shit about metal.  Bell’s cleans on the chorus are on par with early Fear Factory. It’s a more rhythmic song compared to the rest of the album though it does get heavy when it’s away from the chorus.  Not exactly pop-induced, but if you were going to introduce Genexus to a non-metal person this is probably the song you would go with.  The title track sounds like it was a leftover from Demanufacture…so, I like it.  Sort of in the ballpark with Piss Christ and Zero Signal.

This is the most I have enjoyed Fear Factory since about 2004.  Even then, I didn’t spin Archetype as much as I did Obsolete or Demanufacture.  As I mentioned earlier, Genexus is nothing new considering the band’s loyalty to their chosen theme, but musically it’s still refreshing at the same time if that makes any sense.  I am not crazy about the bonus tracks/remixes; I never have been into Fear Factory remixes.  Therefore, the album is really all of 10 new songs and worth it just for that.  3.5 out of 5

The Industrialist Review


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  1. Great review!!
    I would love to hear Slayerrrr…. Fear Factory, branch out into something like sci-fi horror for a change. Like a concept album of Event Horizon or something. I’ve heard their remix albums and they have the chops to do something more atmospheric and a shift from the whole Brave New World by way of The Terminator would be refreshing and not abandoning their signature style/theme. They have so much potential if they would just step outside of their comfort zone.

  2. Gonna see them with Coal Chamber on Sunday in Cleveland. I’m pumped! And this makes me even more excited.

    • That should be a good show. I’ve always liked Coal Chamber and saw them a couple of times too. I saw Fear Factory once in full and a partial set at a festival. They were a strong live band on both of those occasions. Enjoy man, sounds like a great possibility for some sweat and blood and other body fluids!

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