Sonic Cathedral’s female-fronted roundup for July

SonC logoOur friends at Sonic Cathedral reviewed three albums in July. Two of the albums are hard rock and the third album is as much hard rock as metal. Accordingly, all three albums feature powerful, clean female vocals, considerable melody in the compositions, and plenty of driving beat and oomph.

Sonic Cathedral’s website and Facebook page focus mainly on metal with female vocalists. However, they also cover many types of rock. The SC July selections show how comfortably hard rock and heavy metal go hand-in-hand. SC is a great destination for fans, performers and promoters of what has become known as female-fronted metal and rock.


HalestormHalestorm – Into the Wild Life

Label: Atlantic Records

Genre: Hard rock

Language: English

Total tracks: 15 (Deluxe Version)

Reviewer: Eastcoaster

Sonic Cathedral rating: Not stated

“This album shows that the band was not resting on the laurels of winning a Grammy,” writes Eastcoaster. “It has a wide range of songs, something for listeners of hard rock, heavy rock, jazz, and metal. There are songs here that are destined to become anthems.”

Read the full review at Sonic Cathedral.

Visit Halestorm on Facebook.


Veronica FreemanVeronica “The V” Freeman – Now or Never

Label: Self-released

Genre: Melodic hard rock

Language: English

Total tracks: 12

Reviewer: C.

Sonic Cathedral rating: 10 out of 10

C. says: “I gave this album a perfect 10 because quite frankly, it’s one of those albums where I did not skip over any tracks or find any ‘filler’ whatsoever. This album is, from beginning to end, filled with tunes that are heavy, melodic, catchy, memorable, and just plain good. Above all, this album was intended to showcase V’s vocal ability outside of Benedictum, and I think that ‘Now or Never’ lived up to that and then some.”

Read the full review at Sonic Cathedral.

Visit Veronica Freeman on Facebook.


Darkstone CrowsDarkstone Crows – Darkstone Crows (EP)

Label: Self-released

Genre: Heavy/punk metal

Language: English

Total tracks: 4

Reviewer: Eastcoaster

Sonic Cathedral rating: Not stated

Eastcoaster recommends this debut release as a worthwhile listen for heavy metal fans, adding: “Heavy-hitting rhythm and lead guitars, a driving bass and drums, along with strong crooning vocals, make this EP a must for those looking for new bands and material.”

Read the full review at Sonic Cathedral.

Visit Darkstone Crows on Facebook.



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