Album Review: Forgotten Horror – Aeon of the Shadow Goddess

R-6980387-1430907835-3119.jpegAlbum:  Aeon of the Shadow Goddess

Label:  Walpurgis Night MMXV

Release Date:  15 May 2015

Genre: Black Metal

Songs:  9

Length:  46 Minutes

Previous Album:  The Serpent Creation (2011)

Location:  Finland

It isn’t every day that I decide to sit down and willingly listen to music saturated with black metal blast beats or listen to music even slightly blackened by any signature black elements or anything relating to “black” and “metal” in the same sentence.   Even if it’s a little bit black metal it’s sort of like asking a strict vegetarian to try this all-beef burger because it’s so good and they’re sure to like it.   I’m not a vegetarian, but you get the picture.   Black metal and I tend to not get along well, though I have much respect for the genre.   It is intense and in most cases quite extreme.   What’s not to respect about that?  And, there are some blackened/near black/mostly black/partly black metal bands I do like, but they are usually the ones that most “true” black metal fans don’t like.  Anyway, before I decided to review Forgotten Horror, as you might have guessed bears its roots in black metal, I gave the album no less than 8-10 listens so I could be honest with my feelings. 

Aeon of the Shadow Goddess is quite bad ass.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given it so many listens.   If I hated it, I would have stopped as soon as I decided I hated it which would have probably been during the first 8-10 seconds.   So, giving it so many listens should clue you in to where this review is going.

Without doing a tedious song-by-song; good for some occasions, but not this one, the first thing to note is the level of blackened blackness covers 60-70% of the album.   The rest of the album is a combination of intense death metal, a bit of melodic thrash metal, and a touch of doomy symphonic darkness.   In the end, it’s a mix that allows me to put a foot in the black metal door and enjoy its (mostly) extreme content.

Forgotten Horror does a great job of keeping things powerful throughout the album.   In fact, if it were even slightly more intense, I would say it’s too much.   But, they break things up with eerie intros, melodic guitar solos, and intense death metal cadences.   The solos I found the most surprising.  With this level of controlled chaos, solos usually get left out; opting for a brain damaging barrage of the more brutal, less melodic elements.  But, Forgotten Horror gets them in there and makes it work seamlessly.   The vocals are gritty, much like that of Jeff Walker of Carcass.   He complements the music perfectly…to a point where it’s gritty and hellish, but still mostly understandable.

Admittedly, it took a few listens before I things started popping out at me.   Then, I found myself wanting to hear more.   This is mostly because of my personal feelings about things related to black metal.   Forgotten Horror brings together multiple extreme styles without letting things get too crazy.   For that reason, Aeon of the Shadow Goddess is palatable dose of black metal-infused excellence.

4.4 out of 5


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