FREE MUSIC! – 20 new grindcore tracks

GrindGive Praise Records, specialists in grindcore and grind-anything metal, are giving away their July sampler, “The Path To Grind”, containing tracks by 20 bands. Most of them are likely to be new to you even if you’re already heavily into grindcore. If you’re not, I can tell you there’s some damn cool stuff on this sampler. Of course it is all as brutal as anything gets.

As the advertisers say, “Act Now! Limited Offer!” The digital album is completely free via Bandcamp until about Wednesday, so get downloading this weekend.

The Bandcamp page contains the usual invitation to pay what you like, but Give Praise want you to ignore that. Just grab the sampler. Share it. They want you to do that too.

Here’s the full track list:

  1. ABORTION – Children Of Satan
  2. BRUCEXCAMPBELL – Humanity Deserves To Die
  3. CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS – Sweatpants Factory
  5. ENDLESS DEMISE – Seeds Of Destruction
  6. FUBAR – Death Or Doubt
  7. GORGONIZED DORKS – Your Wealth
  8. INTESTINAL ROT – Cranium Crushing Cannibals
  9. MESRINE – Blood Boils
  10. MOLOCH – Unendlichkeit
  11. OSK – Burning Human
  12. PROLETAR – Global Darkness Destruction
  13. RITUAL MISERY – Cult
  14. SICK OF STUPIDITY – Slumber Of Humanity
  15. SOIL OF IGNORANCE – Downfall Existence
  16. STRONG INTENTION – The Carnivore
  17. SUFFERING MIND – Down My Throat (DISRUPT)
  18. TO DUST – The Perspectivist
  19. VIOLENT OPPOSITION – Logic VS Retaliation
  20. WAKE – Smolder

As you can tell from the band names and song titles, there aren’t many songs about butterflies and sunshine in this selection. So, go here on Bandcamp and download some head-exploding grind. Blast the neighbours into the next county.



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