Mik’s favourite 2015 albums… so far. In no particular order.


Somehow it feels like it’s been a slow beginning of the year, but when I started to look over my lists of albums I’ve listened to and rated, I could gather quite a large collection of favourites. Counted 17 really good releases in 6 months, that’s not bad! Not including all of them, here’s some of my must-listens of 2015:

Bosse-De-Nage – All Fours (hipster black metal)

It’s a very clever mix of frantic black metal and chaotic post-hardcore, with a well structured, intriguing story in the lyrics, impressive drum work and everything else a good, memorable album should have.


Vola – Inmazes (dreamy progressive metal)

Where did this awesome band come from? Their debut album “Inmazes” fell down from the sky with a loud BOOM and infected us all with a new-found love for heavy chugs and dreamy melodies! Inmazing!


Akhlys – The Dreaming I (atmospheric black metal)

Floating nightmares.


Outre – Ghost Chants (eerie black metal)

It’s impossible to not be uncomfortably moved by this morbid and strange music. It feels fresh and creative for being black metal, and will get many more spins in this house.


A Swarm Of The Sun – The Rifts (depressive post rock)

It’s so beautiful I don’t know what to say. Filled with desperation, devoid of all hope. Naked, bleak and absolutely stunning.


Leprous – The Congregation (progressive metal)

More synths, more irresistible hooks, more electronics, more Queen, more Einar Solberg! Basically, Leprous gives us more of everything here and it’s breath-taking, heart-aching, painstaking… For me, it’s perfection.


Sannhet – The Revisionist (instrumental hipster metal)

To be truly captivating for me, an instrumental album needs to be dark, dynamic and varied, with memorable melodies. This one has it all.


Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors (bluesy stoner rock)

Normally I don’t enjoy this style much at all, so colour me surprised when this album appeared and blew my ears off. It rocks!


Sylosis – Dormant Heart (thrash metal)

RAWR! I’m sure you all know about this one already and what a f-ing awesome beast it is!


Dekadent – Veritas (heavy atmospheric metal)

“Like a mix between Devin Townsend and Anaal Nathrakh” I read in a review. Of course I had to check it out! They were right, and this Slovenian band impressed me deeply.

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  1. Nice list. I did give Vola several listens. I am undecided at the moment whether it is list potential, but I know I like it. There are several other bands on your list I have not heard yet at all. It’s almost like metal is a never ending pit.

  2. Nice picks!!! Nice to see you digging on Royal Thunder! I need to give that Vola a spin as well as a couple other interesting picks you got in there 🙂

    • Thanks! Vola could definitely be something for your ears, as well as Sannhet and Dekadent. A Swarm of the Sun too, if you haven’t gotten to that yet. Enjoy 🙂

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