Full album stream: Mörglbl – Tea Time For Pünks


One of the greatest joys of growing up is being fascinated and charmed by lovely new things. Since I’m 65 years old now, I’ll probably mature in the next 20 years and become crusty and set in my ways. Until then, I’ll grab all the thrill and delight there is to be found in new discoveries.

Mörglbl is a new discovery for me. I make that admission with my head hung low in shame because they’ve released six albums including “Tea Time For Pünks” and this is the first time I’ve heard them. I’ll rectify that shortcoming soon enough by treating myself to all their previous work. Who needs groceries when there is music like this to sate my appetite?

Mörglbl are France’s madcap masters of jazz metal. The members are bassist Ivan Rougny (on the left in the above photo), drummer Aurélian Ouzoulias and guitarist Christope Godin. I’m not sure whether they are lunatic geniuses or genius lunatics, but they sure know how to hang a tune together with a combination of eccentricity and sheer grace. If this was a review of “Tea Time For Pünks” rather than a stream of the album, I would give it a full 5 out of 5 points.

The jazz is slick and super-modern. The metal is slick and modern too, and also thunderously thunderous at times. Add in some amazing blues guitar solos and an insane banjo, and there you have all the ingredients for one of the most original and enjoyable albums of the year.

The band clearly take their music very seriously. That shows in the masterful compositions, arrangements and performances. They don’t take themselves seriously. The tracks on the album have titles such as “Banjovi”, “Untoon that Geetar” and “Big Ben Shaved the Queen”.

Overall, the album is an exuberant explosion of musical fun that left me with a big, sloppy grin on my cherubic little face.

Check out Mörglbl on Facebook. The album is available from Bandcamp.


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