Album Review: Helloween – My God-Given Right

Helloween_My-God-Given-Right-300x300Album:  My God-Given Right

Label:  Nuclear Blast

Release Date:  2 Jun 15

Songs:  16

Length: 73 Minutes

Previous Albums:  Walls of Jericho (1985); Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I (1987); Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II (1988); Pink Bubbles Go Ape (1991); Chameleon (1993); Master of the Rings (1994); The Time of the Oath (1996); Better Than Raw (1998); The Dark Ride (2000); Rabbit Don’t Come Easy (2003); Keeper of the Seven Keys:  The Legacy (2005); Gambling With The Devil (2007); 7 Sinners (2010); Straight out of Hell (2013)

Genre:  Power Metal

Location:  Germany 

With a couple of back-to-back solid releases in Straight Out of Hell and 7 Sinners, I expected much of the same from the ever-so-consistent Helloween camp.  My God-Given Right, their 15th studio album, didn’t fall far from the tree in terms of Helloween output though, but it did roll a little bit out of the way.  There are some decent catchy, power/pop metal songs such as Stay Crazy and Lost in America that can’t be denied.  Remember, this is the band that named an album Pink Bubbles Go Ape, so they make plenty of room for enjoyable songs with the cheese factor elevated.  Though they are not the deepest lyrical songs you’ll ever hear, you can’t possibly NOT find yourself tapping your foot or a finger to these songs.  Your baseline for the album is now established.

Creatures in Heaven is an upbeat, near Iron Maiden-like song that refocuses the album from the previous ballad in Like Everybody Else – standard fair for the road and nothing new.  The song ends better than it starts; it seems to take a minute to get going, but it eventually broadens its power metal appeal. Claws is a decent upbeat track laced with double bass drumming.  It balances out the pop/power songs a little bit, but doesn’t really take the album to new heights.  My God-Given Right, the video featured below, is the single to get things going.  It has all of the familiar elements Helloween relies on…it’s catchy, a bit speedy, and is accompanied by a sing-along chorus that just makes you feel warm inside.  Good, but standard and probably one of the better songs the album has to offer.

It is possible having the most consistent lineup in the band’s history is preventing new ideas from flowing freely.  It’s not the most important thing to watch a band reinvent itself.  There is nothing wrong with consistency, but Helloween fell a bit short this time around on being consistently better than average.  My God-Given Right (the album) is nothing near awful, but if you are looking for something new it is not to be found here this time.  Overall, some solid power metal songs that keep the ship sailing until the next release…and in true Helloween style, there is no possible way you could listen to Helloween and be in a bad mood.  There’s always that!

3 out of 5 


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