A Few Things to Check Out…

I wish we had time to talk about every band/artist that gets sent to us.  Unfortunately, time is not always on our side despite our finest efforts.  But, we do our best to spread the word because no one should be deprived of metal in whatever metal subgenre it comes in.  Here are a few bands we checked out that may or may not find a home in your music library someday.

Have you ever thought about what Maroon 5 would sound like with growling vocals?  Neither have I.  Honestly, I never knew such a thing existed.  Personally, I can’t really stand Maroon 5, but hearing someone else metalize it puts a new spin on it.  The Persevering Promise currently has their debut album out called An Illusion in Shambles.  If you are into genre labels, they are considered post-hardcore, but it would be hard to tell from the cover song, so I included another song from their album.

Shifting to hard rock, Everlit is poised to release an EP around June 20th, 2015.  The Philadelphia-based band released their first lyric video for your general consumption below.  Have a listen…

It’s nice to know the music video isn’t totally dead.  Michigan-based Darling Down used Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino as influences for their interesting video.  Their album, Never Tell, is out now…released in July 2014.

Is there such a thing as melodic metalcore?  Just Like Gentlemen aim to prove so.  Their video Whorecrux is from their latest album Asylum is featured here for your viewing.  The album was just released in April 2015. Fans of Chelsea Grin might take interest in this one.  Check it out.

This one has been out a while and if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the time.  It’s a cover of Institutionalized from Suicidal Tendencies.  ‘Nuff said, really!

Lastly, My Grimace, from Finland is rounding out this list of things we either missed or things that are coming up soon.  Grim Serenades is out on May 8, from Inverse Records. Have a listen to their melodic death metal cadence with Dire Need featured below.  Enjoy!

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  1. Puh, I really have enough of “metalized” covers anymore (in this case really an exaggeration anyway ). I understand that it is really, really hard for a new band to generate some interest and get some attention between thousands of new bands and that a cover of a Pop song is an easy way to get both. But from an artistically point of view (which should be the important one) I really despise this calculated as well as transparent method.

    So, we have a Metal band, we are really good, write awesome songs and because we are so special and everyone should know our great songs let’s put out a cover of some shitty Chart song written by another band/artist. Great logic, great artistical statement… NO, won’t support this in any way. Fuck that:-)

    Their song: boring standard US (sorry;-)-Alternaitve-Metalore-mix that’s sooo stale an boring as you probably could have expected beforehand. (By the way don’t follow self-given labels. Post Hardcore? Bullshit. Partly Metalcore, yes, but no link to anything Hardcore whatsoever)

    Everlit: catchy, objectively not that bad but not a little bit original.

    The Darling Down-song is kind of nice, reminds a bit of Lacuna Coil.

    The croaky voice of Just Like Gentlemen-singer put a smile on my face. Hard enough music in the most part and not the Poppy/Autuney clean singing I expected, when I read Melodic Metalcore. Ok, but one of a thousand likewise bands. There really seems to be a huge market for this stuff in the US (still).

    I knew that Body Count cover. Really funny and well done cover and video of a great Band. I still don’t own a Body Count record, though. Maybe I should finally buy one.

    My Grimace, Metal, finally (Man, this comment reads like I’m some kind of Old School Only-Metal-person:-P) something hard and even versed. Quite good and better than the rest apart from Body Count.

    • Thank you for coming by and checking out some new stuff and happy to know you caught a couple things you liked. No worries about the boring US standard. believe me, as an American I know what’s up in my country. Metal gets no love at all. I much prefer Europe; metal is more widely accepted. Now that I live in Japan, these fans are really dedicated to the bands they like. Though, I have not yet discovered much of a local market of Japanese metal bands. There are some, but they don’t seem to open for larger bands that come to the area. You mentioned Lacuna Coil…I wonder if they will have a new one this year?

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