Xbox: Games With Gold & Deals With Gold

xbox-one-featured-imageIt’s time to discuss May’s free games for Xbox Gold members.  Keeping in mind, it cost about $60 a year to be a member, the games they have been giving away this year are worth far more than that…but, you have to like them or want to play them to make it worth your time.  April’s roundup was quite nice, featuring a bunch of free games.  May can be considered a little on the light side comparatively speaking since there are only four games including one from April that is still on the list.  But, when given free stuff can you really complain?

Here is the lineup for the Xbox One:

Castle Storm Definitive Edition.  Available all month.

Pool Nation FX.  Available all month.


For the Xbox 360

Mafia II.  Available 1-15 May.

F1 2013.  Available 16-31 May.

As always the Deals with Gold features some hefty savings on various games and is always changing.  You need to check the Xbox website for regular updates.  Right now, this very day, you can save on:

Xbox One

80% on Star Wars Angry Birds ($10.00)

60% on Madden 15 ($24.00)

50% on Dance Central Spotlight ($5.00)

30% on Project Root (6.99)

Xbox 360

$23.99 for Madden 15

$9.99 for Angry Birds Star Wars

$2.29 for Star Wars Pinball (Full)

$4.99 for Star Wars Pinball:  Balance of the Force

$4.99 for Star Wars Pinball:  Heroes Within


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