Album Review: Mellowtoy – Lies


Release Date:  20 Jan 2015

Previous Albums:  This is their fourth album

Length:  42 Minutes

Songs:  12

Genre:  Hard Rock

Label:  Scarlet Records

FFO:  Ill Nino, Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, Stone Sour, Gemini Syndrome, Disturbed

Location:  Milan, Italy

Going off the name, I would never guess Mellowtoy would be the kind of band that might spark interest, ending up stamped on my “to listen to” list.  I wouldn’t even think they were a rock band, actually. But, what’s in a name?  It’s a good thing bands have publicists to push this out to us.  Better yet, it’s great to work with some publicists that know what we might like.  This six-piece from Milan falls right in the wheelhouse of rock/hard rock/harder rock.  They capitalize on the ability to harmonize beautifully; enough for commercialized radio-play (Visions, Reflections, Faded Promises), but can also hit hard; enough to induce ephemeral fits of rage (Chain Reaction, Humans Are A Plague On Earth, Lies, Destroy Yourself, S.A.T.A.N.).

Their ability to induce multiple moods within the confines of one song keeps things stimulating.  Many bands apply a style of mixed vocal techniques and it often ends up feeling forced…like insert hard part here with a breakdown because the song has been soft for too long.  Mellowtoy, however, integrates their vocal ranges seamlessly, giving their songs an extra layer of depth.  Things fall into place nicely.

While playing mostly in a zone comfortable for the masses, even the most selective metalhead should find something appealing on Lies.  And, it will probably be their infectious finger-snapping groove that you uncontrollably gravitate to.  Their bursts of low-tuned energy may not last very long in each song, but their ability to harmonize makes their songs catchy and memorable.

For example, the lead-off track, Lies, is one of several songs that spreads its wings to the outer edges of the Mellowtoy intensity range boasting some of their heaviest cadences, but also features choruses filled with clean signing and sing-along verses.  It isn’t anything new in the music world to feature both aggressive melodies up against melodic choruses, but Mellowtoy has a way of doing it that sounds fresh and interesting.

4 out of 5


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  1. ChristopherMammal

    For me, Mellowtoy rates as a pretty cool melodic metalcore band. They could call their music mellowcore.

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