EP stream: Isolert – Isolated Soul

IsolertTwo Greek guys, Nick S. and Panos T., dropped us a line about their demo EP, now available from Bandcamp. These two guys are the complete line-up of Isolert, and they work at the speed of light.

They formed Isolert earlier this year. Already they’ve completed their three-track demo and had the cover art completed for the EP. Geez, it takes me three weeks just to decide I need to buy more coffee.

Their music is atmospheric, melodic black metal that makes me want to slap my speakers. Both speakers look so pleased and smug when Isolert is coming out of them, the superior little bastards. If I did that I’d also have to slap my eardrums for looking so smug and satisfied when Isolert goes into them.

Panos T. (full name Panagiotis Tsiglifis) is the guitarist. Nick S. (Nick Sidiropoulos) plays the drums. They both do vocals. Together they sound like five people. That may mean I’ll have to go to Greece and slap all five of both of them if they’re not already well into the planning of their debut album, because I want more of their music.

Meet Isolert on Facebook. Their page on Bandcamp where you can listen to the full demo offers the EP for “name your price”. May I gently suggest that if you like them enough to download them, you give them some money too. They won’t object.


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