Album Review: Forgotten Tomb – Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love

colour coverAlbum:  Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love

Release Date:  17 April 2015 (EU); 21 April 2015 (North America)

Label:  Agonia Records

Songs:  7

Length:  51 Minutes

Genre:  Doom/Black/Stoner

Location:  Italy

Previous Albums:  Songs to Leave (2002); Springtime Depression (2003); Love’s Burial Ground (2004); Negative Megalomania (2007); Under Saturn Retrograde (2011); …And Don’t Deliver Us from Evil (2012).

If you tried combining black metal, doom, stoner, and a bit of 70s style hard rock, do you think you could do it?  What could possibly go wrong?  Well, a lot could go wrong.  While stoner rock/metal tends to lean on the hippy, happier, beer drinking side of metal, doom is rather moody and laced with melancholy.  Not always, but mostly.  While black metal is extreme, 70s hard rock is far from it.  Combining all of those elements seems hugely challenging to me and seems like it would be difficult to process as a listener.  

Enter Italy’s Forgotten Tomb.  Bottom line up front – they have done a marvelous job uniting such a veritable palate of metal into something most excellent and well-balanced. Their new album Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love is their seventh full length album.  Though my lack of experience listening to them and minimal research on the band tells me it was not always the case, but after a 16-year career (and counting) it seems as though they have evolved to what you are about to get a dose of in April 2015.

The shortest song on the album chimes in at just over 5 ½ minutes.  Forgotten Tomb does not rely on quantity over quality.  Just seven songs is all it takes to deliver the goods albeit seven long songs.  Not necessarily typical for stoner styled metal, but it is for some doom metal.  Each of the seven songs seem to have a similar foundation; an overarching doom presence with a groovy stoner cadence, sometimes death metal groove, and then a dose of black metal to take things to a more brutal level.  The growling vocals give the songs a spine chilling backdrop that fits perfectly with their sound.  Production wise, the album sounds great.  It’s heavy, dark, brooding, ominous, and often vicious.  Dread the Sundown is my favorite song on the album and is just heavy as f**k.  Cool solo toward the end of the song.

4 out of 5


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