Roundtable Review: Run with the Wolf by Drakkar

Drakkar coverLabel: My Kingdom Music

Release Date: March 16th, 2015

Songs: 10 + 5 Bonus Tracks

Genre: Power Metal

Studio Albums: Quest for Glory, Razorblade God, When Lightning Strikes

Location: Milan, Italy

WarpRider – Resting comfortably between power and prog metal, Drakkar’s forthcoming album, Run With The Wolf, builds upon the momentum gained from When Lightning Strikes released in 2012. Listening to the title track, the strong solos on both the guitar and the keys enables this melodic and most awesome tune to contend with metal legends Iron Maiden. Yeah, it’s along those lines. While songs like Watcher of the Wall and Ride The Storm continue in the vein of Run With The Wolf with their epic atmospheres, songs such as Burning, Gods of Thunder, and Under The Banners of War count on speedy rhythms that build energy along this grand and fantastic ride. Southern Cross could be played in any Irish pub, but could also dub as a funeral song for those that died, sword in hand, in the throes of battle. At least that’s how it feels when I hear it. Overall, it’s an impressive album that will occupy not only your desire for fantasy, but your time as well. Enjoy! 4.5 out of 5

RiffRaff – You know what I really like about this record, and Drakkar in general?  They’re not afraid to throw a bit of grease and grime into the usual sharp and pristine power metal formula.  Not that they are filthy like a grind or black metal record, but they have this blue-collar, working class feel to their songs that really helps me make a much more personal connection to their music than the bulk of the genre does.  The themes of comic and literature heroes/villains, sci-fi nerd stuff, and an overflowing love for Thin Lizzy and Irish folk music is also an added bonus.

Honing their craft even further, Drakkar have forged a beast of a record.  Each song is well written, incredibly diverse from its former or preceding, and simply infectious.  Strong, resonating vocals, huge guitars, and punchy rhythms all combine to deliver an epic and uplifting atmospheres.  Classic rock tendencies add tons of fun when they pop up and touches of prog keep the record engaging throughout its entire run time.  So, yeah, if you dig on traditional and power metal, the latest offering from Drakkar come highly recommended.  4.5

Irmelinis – Raw-sounding classic power metal, that’s what the guys in Drakkar are best at. As always their music is delivered with enthusiasm and devotion – it’s clear they believe strongly in what they do and are having fun while doing it. These mid tempo songs are filled with driving, harsh riffs and playful keyboards, carefully decorated with guest appearances (from Vision Divine, Labyrinth, Eldritch) and carried along by strong, gritty vocals and rumbling drums. The straight-forward songwriting is kept proggy enough to not come across as too predictable or repetitive, and although the overall sound is a bit muddy it does not take away from much the listening experience but rather adds to it. “Run With The Wolf” can be bought with a bonus-CD, including refurbished, shiny new versions of tracks from the band’s first two albums, which is a really nice addition. Drakkar is highly recommended for fans of traditional power metal like Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire and classic hard rock bands like Thin Lizzy and Running Wild. 3.95

ChristopherMammal – Power metal isn’t one of my favourite genres. Drakkar, however, goes well beyond power metal. “Run With The Wolf” is nicely flavoured with other styles worked into the compositions. Overall, the album is very musical and very easy to listen to. It kicks off with what could be melodic prog metal, bringing the best out of the keys as well as the guitars. One or two tracks could be pure folk metal of the most enjoyable kind. There are plenty of thumping, great songs on the album, and I’d recommend it to fans of melodic and prog metal as well as power and heavy metal fans. 4.0

A Metal State of Mind Score – 4.25 out of 5  

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