Xbox Games With Gold Update: Free Stuff

Best-Free-Software1One of the biggest complaints I hear from gamer buddies about online gaming is having to pay for it.  I understand that a whopping $50 to play Xbox online for an ENTIRE year is tough for some people, but they do give stuff away that might help take the edge of shelling out $50 to fry your brain shooting people, racing, or whatever it is you do online.  For Xbox Gold members, it’s that time again to announce the Games With Gold and Deals with Gold lineup.  They have just been updated.  Here is the listing.

Free on Xbox One right now until they decide to change the lineup:

Rayman Legends

It Draws A Red Box – This one has been free a while, but I wanted to wait for the large update vs. doing an update very time they change games.

The Deals With Gold (discounted games) on Xbox One right now are The Amazing Spiderman 2 ($30), Assassin’s Creed Unity ($40.20), and Giana Sisters:  Twisted Dreams Director’s Cut ($7.50)

Free on Xbox 360 this month:

Tomb Raider

There are quite a few Deals With Gold (discounted games) on the 360 right now for those that are still knee deep in this console.  They are The Amazing Spiderman ($14.79), The Amazing Spiderman 2 ($20), Bully:  Scholarship Edition ($3.74), L.A. Noire ($7.49), Max Payne 3 ($5), Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass ($3.74), Midnight Club:  LA ($3.74), and Red Dead Redemption ($7.49).

I normally refrain from inserting my opinion on this topic, but if you still have a 360 and haven’t played L.A. Noire, I promise you will get your dollars’ worth on that price.  It’s a fantastic game.  For those that get the Gold subscription with Xbox…happy downloading!


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  1. Rayman is a ton of fun and absolutely beautiful looking. And Tomb Raider is basically the best reboot ever. I really enjoyed that one. Red Dead Redemption is worth playing if you haven’t checked that out as well. Nice to see XBox is getting on the free games train finally.

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