Tales From Bandcamp: 5 Doom Metal Bands You Should Know About

Doom+metal+doom+metal_9cc41b_4923534I love me some doom metal.  Riffs as chewy as Dubble-Bubble, grooves that make Fat Albert look like Calista Flockhart, and more experimentation than a suburban teenager who just discovered weed and masturbation.  There’s so much to love from this genre, and yet I see that a lot of doom fans are still stuck in the Candlemass, St. Vitus, Black Sabbath days and they tend to not notice that there are a great amount of bands in the modern scene really innovating on the genre (while simultaneously keeping what’s so great about it intact).

Here’s a little list of five bands (in no particular order) which can be found on Bandcamp I feel any self-respecting doom fan should take the time to listen to.  My rules for this list were they had to have a full album to listen to on Bandcamp naturally, be relatively new, and they have to still be active.  So as much as I’d love to add Avatarium, Order of Israfel, or Alunah, they don’t quite meet my guidelines, so go check them out on your own time.  If you know of some doom bands that you want to shout out, drop a comment!  Enjoy! Peace Love and Metal!!!


The most experimental of all the bands on this list SubRosa really channel the psychedelia in their abstract take on doom.  With the help of violins and hypnotic, sultry female vocals listening to any one of their albums is a trip into deep, zen parts of the mind.  Their latest record, More Constant Than the Gods, has this astral feel to it which compliments nights of stargazing perfectly.  Definitely one to tune in and check out to.  Apparently they have some new stuff cooking, so be on the lookout.  In the meantime, click the play button below.

a0565097344_2Crimson Dawn

These Italian doomsters put a spin on the doom formula by adding hints of epic and power metal to their sound.  The result is danceable riffs and anthemic choruses that stick like peanut butter.  Their Lovecraftian titled debut, …In Strange Aeons, dropped my jaw when it landed in 2013 and still finds itself on my regular doom metal playlist.  Some great keyboard work give the album a nice retro feel yet its approach and variety in songwriting keep things nice and modern.  This is the kind of doom metal you raise your broadsword and ride into battle too.

a3045949469_2Crypt Sermon

This band was the inspiration for me to type up this list.  Over the weekend their debut record found its way into our inbox, I listened to it, and I was promptly blown the fuck away.  Taking the punchy riffing found in oldschool Candlemass and Black Sabbath they update the sound with some outstanding production and youthful energy.  Seriously riffs this thick should not be giving 1.21 gigawatts of pure metal electricity to the heart, but they do.  I think I will start a campaign to replace defibrillators with copies of Out of the Garden.  The vocals here are also outstanding and carry that dramatic flair that you can find on any given Dio record.  Oh, and the bevy of solos!!  Good Lawd!!! Doom solos have no right being this good and shreddy.  Gargantuan album and a must have.

a1120500621_2Cardinal Wyrm

If I had to sum the feel of the latest record from Cardinal Wyrm up in a couple of words I’d say ‘Space Vikings’.  With sludgy riffing and fistfuls of chest hair vocals these guys create a miasma of blood and thunder formlessly trudging through the outer-reaches of the astral divide.  The lo-fi production works wonders as it give the record that ‘hey look what I found in uncle Matt’s record collection’ feel, yet unlike other lo-fi productions all the instruments are well pronounced so it doesn’t come out sounding like a black metal mess of 8-tracks and hiss.  These guys have a couple other records out that are worth your time, but their latest, Black Hole Gods, is easily their most realize one to date.


Definitely the most well-established and popular of the bands on this list, and deserving so.  Simply shattering stuff and worth reiterating time and time again how incredible the band is.  Veering into prog territory, Pallbearer’s dirges not only deliver elephantine riffs and soundscapes but also introspective and poetic lyricism that is able to perfectly balance abstract and groundedness few others (much like a Murakami novel, which the band borrows many themes from).  And while many of their themes, both musically and lyrically, deal with mortality, they are able to pull the subject matter out of depression and make exploring the darkerness a positive and liberating affair.  I honestly can not petition anyone who hasn’t checked these guys out yet enough to do so.  Also, outstanding live band.


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  1. ChristopherMammal

    Excellent selection, young man.

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