Game Review: Resident Evil HD Remaster (Xbox One)

re1hdResident Evil was probably the reason I initially bought a Sony PlayStation back in 1996.  Back then there were plenty of cute cartoony games that involved side scroll fighting and plumbers and stuff, but Resident Evil was so different.  It was actually scary.  It might not be very scary by today’s standards as we have all become immune to grotesque gaming.  But, decades ago Resident Evil defined survival horror and set the foundation for many copycats and unfortunately the excess blood and gore we have today.  There may have been scary games prior to this one, but in my lifetime and gaming involvement, Resident Evil opened a new path in gaming experience.  Why am I talking about it again after all these years?  Well for one, designers need to go back and learn from the subtle nuances of the game…the scary parts, the quietness, and the loneliness.  Today’s survival horror gaming is just ridiculous.  Second, Resident Evil was rereleased and updated in HD for the modern console.  This old guy says…yay! 

The best thing about the HD version is that the game was just as it was so many years ago.  The voice acting has improved and graphics have been polished.  There were a few scenes I do not remember exactly, but keep in mind this game was remade back in 2002-ish for the Nintendo Gamecube.  So, it’s hard to remember if this new HD version took in some of those updates as well.  Either way, it’s Resident Evil as it was intended.

The opening scene uses computer graphics instead of real people used to set up the initial story.  As the player, you get to choose the original controls or use new and improved alternate controls.  Using the original style proved difficult for me as I have grown accustomed to shooters with left trigger aim and right trigger shoot.  I preferred the updated controls.  The camera angles which I thought were revolutionary back in ’96 proved to still cause some issues controlling my character.  In come corners of the creepy mansion the camera angle shifts as you round a bend and what ends up happening is you accidentally turn around because of the direction you are pushing on the control stick.  This sucks balls when being chased by a fast-mover zombie.  The controls were about the only thing that took away from the game.

nowwwwwEverything else about the Resident Evil HD remaster stayed true to the original which is great.  Overall, it still took me over 9 hours to get though as I tried to immerse myself into every aspect of the game.  It can still be done much quicker, but that would just seem like a waste of money.  Resident Evil HD is available for download in the Xbox Store for $19.99 and takes up about 14GB of hard drive space.  For those who want something a little simpler, but packs a punch, Resident Evil is plenty capable of scaring the next generation gamer.


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  1. This is a great remake. I can confirm the PC version is ported very well with no problems running on my mid-end machine.
    Made me really miss real survival horror. All that inventory management, pushing yourself further because you don’t want to use your last save ribbon, running like a bitch from staggering zombies, Jill sandwiches.
    I love the updated graphics (boob physics ftw!) and the audio is outstanding.
    If you liked this you need to go get Resident Evil Revelations 2: Part 1 now!!! Classic style but new. It’s being released episodically like those Walking Dead games. They are great and so much better than the past 2 entries in the main RE series.

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