Album Review: Furyon – Lost Salvation


As much as I love complicated rhythms, odd time signatures, blast beats, deathly growls, and other wild riffs and things; sometimes I like music that doesn’t have any of that.  There are numerous bands fitting for what I am talking about, but a standout among the newcomers of the music world is Furyon.  From the southern UK comes the latest album Lost Salvation, the sophomore effort from these classic hard rockers.

With so many bands trying to meld subgenres together to form their own sub-subgenre, Furyon have basically said “fuck that.” I don’t know if they really said that, but I’ll assume they said it because the music they create is a no-filler brand of hard rock that reaches back to a time where things were more rhythmic and a little less complicated.

Gravitas (2012) was a mouth-watering debut.  Lost Salvation, however, cements Furyon as a band claiming hard rock residency.  Opening with All That I Have is a statement of Furyon’s confidence in that they don’t need something extra heavy or fast to reel in a listener.  All That I Have is a moderately paced track with hard rock elements that you’ll find throughout the album in varying degrees of heaviness; it’s a good indication of the album’s overall feel.  These Four Walls is borderline ballad, Scapegoat, Left it with the Gods, and Dematerialize have a tinge of southern sludge while some of the remaining tracks offer a slightly speedier tempo.

Overall, Furyon doesn’t stray too far from their hard rock foundation, but they offer enough variety in the form of bluesy, southern, and metal rhythms to keep the album rockin’ from beginning to end.

Album: Lost Salvation

Label:  Dream Records

Release Date:  23 Feb (Europe)

Songs:  10

Length:  44 Minutes

Previous Albums:  Gravitas (2012)

Location:  Brighton, UK

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Gravitas Review.

4 out of 5


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  1. Just listened to it and its a bit better than most likewise bands. They focus on mid tempo with all that lame vacuous rhythm riffs. Those riffs are neither standing for themselves nor are they in any way exciting. Still some nice solos. The songwriting offers absolutely nothing new/something you haven’t heard already or is at least outstanding executed. On plus is the avoidance of chessiness. These for walls, Resurrect me, Good sky are a bit better than the rest and Wiseman wakes me up before I fall asleep. But that’s it. But I frankly admit that Alternative and related bands are not my cup of tea. Too planned, too alike, too boring, too impersonal, too vacuous.

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