Full Album Stream: Cult of Occult

CultOfOccultThe temptation was great. The words “sludge doom” immediately made me prick up all of my ears and my cat’s ears too. The temptation led to a fine reward – an introduction to the intentionally evil occult sludge doom of Cult of Occult, who may be the most evil band in France or maybe all of Europe.

The challenge was also impossible to resist. Cult of Occult are on a quest to spread the darkness wherever they cast their sinister shadow. Would their Satanic evil be more powerful than my occupational evil? In my nearly 65 years I’ve been a journalist, a PR consultant, an editor, a publisher, an IT manager and a website designer. What could be more evil than that? But there’s more. I’m very close friends with Bharti the Trans-Dimensional Bunny, whose most cynical trick was to invent the Universe, then humans, then all the gods.

To my horror, Cult of Occult didn’t flinch at the mention of Bharti. That’s how demonic they are. We’ve been in contact a few times and I’ve learnt the depths of their depravity. For example, I told them I’d sold my soul on Facebook a few years ago and asked if their souls were for sale. They replied: “We have no soul left, but listen to our songs while worshipping the Master and he’ll probably contact you for a deal.”

If their Facebook page is to be believed, you can book them to perform at black masses, sacrifices, Satanic rituals, dark ceremonies and unholy meetings.

Would they really watch while a coven of witches ripped a human apart? Well… maybe the stage names of Cult of Occult give a hint about how evil they actually aren’t. I can’t imagine a real demon would name itself George PompiDoom, Gary McDoom, Jean Paul BelmonDoom or Jean Claude VanDoom.

But enough of that. As I’ve told these guys in the same breath I used to call them evil bastards, their album is 110% my kind of music. Check these guys out on Facebook and hear their self-titled album on Bandcamp. Evil, maybe; wicked, bloody hell, yes!




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