Sonic Cathedral’s female-fronted roundup for January

SC logoOne of our innovations for 2015 is an alliance with Sonic Cathedral, the website that specialises in reviews of albums by female-fronted bands. Collectively, the Sonic Cathedral team is probably the best team of experts in the world on the types of female-fronted music we at Metal State don’t cover too often, notably symphonic metal and Gothic metal. SC covers a lot more ground than that, however, featuring FF albums in various genres of rock and harder metal as well.

We’ll be presenting a highlights roundup of the Sonic Cathedral reviews every month. Our coverage will include the album details, an intro from SC, and a link to the full (and often extremely comprehensive) review on SC’s website.

If you’re one of the many, many fans of FF music, check out the Sonic Cathedral website and their Facebook page. We’d also recommend Sonic Cathedral as the first port of call (along with us!) for any female-fronted band or label.


Battle Beast – Unholy Savior

Battle BeastLabel: Nuclear Blast Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Language: English

Total tracks: 11

Reviewer: Frozen Angel

Sonic Cathedral rating: 8.5 out of 10

In Frozen Angel’s words: “It’s more than obvious that the band entered the studio and gave their very best selves to write and record this album”. Frozen Angel considers these Finns to be the next Best Thing in the metal scene.

Read the full review at Sonic Cathedral.

Visit Battle Beast on Facebook.


Macbeth – Neo-Gothic Propaganda

MacbethLabel: Dragonheart Records

Genre: Gothic Rock

Language: English

Total tracks: 10

Total time: 44:57

Reviewer: C.

Sonic Cathedral rating: 10 of 10

After a seven-year hiatus, Italian Gothic rockers Macbeth are back. This band  has been reviewed by C. since her early days at Sonic Cathedral. She gives this long-awaited album a perfect score, with a nod to the band’s musical growth: “After nearly two decades together, Macbeth is a stronger unit than ever; their sound has matured, they know who they are as a band, and continue to deliver top-quality music.”

Read the full review at Sonic Cathedral.

Visit Macbeth’s website.


Voices of Destiny – Crisis Cult

Voices of DestinyLabel: Massacre Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Total Tracks: 10

Language: English

Reviewer: Eastcoaster

The release of “Crisis Cult”, Voices of Destiny’s third full-length album, takes the listener on a journey that is both aura and visual, says Eastcoaster. This album, with powerful, heavy guitar hooks and riffs, a driving bass, and at times punishing drums, is a must for symphonic metal fans. Ada’s vocals are like the icing on a cake that is very delicious and tasteful. A great performance from this young band.

Read the full review at Sonic Cathedral.

Visit Voices of Destiny on Facebook.


Esseker – Sombras

EssekerLabel: Self-released

Genre: Melodic Rock

Language: Spanish

Total tracks: 9

Reviewer: Doctor T.

Sonic Cathedral rating: 9 of 10

Esseker is a Spanish band, largely from Seville, with a Russian vocalist. The material is symphonic, mainly in Spanish with some lyrics in Russian, which makes for an interesting combination. Doctor T. says: “The material is superb, the lyrics outstanding, assuming you understand those languages. Doesn’t matter, this is solid material no matter what the language. Hard to stop listening.”

Read the full review at Sonic Cathedral.

Visit Esseker on Facebook.


Leah – Kings & Queens

LeahLabel: Inner Wound Records

Genre: Symphonic Celtic Metal

Language: English

Total tracks: 14

Reviewer: John Thornborough

Sonic Cathedral rating: 8 out of 10

With Timo Somers from Delain on guitar (and as producer), Leah’s new album is epic, heavy and beautiful. Timo contributes excellent riffs and solos; Sander Zoer (ex-Delain) provides driving rhythms along with bassist Barend Courbois (from Blind Guardian); and Leah sounds as delicate and ethereal as ever.

Read the full review at Sonic Cathedral.

Visit Leah on Facebook.


Cadaveria – Silence

CadaveriaLabel: Scarlet Records

Genre: Gothic Black Metal

Language: English

Total tracks: 11

Reviewer: Doctor T.

Sonic Cathedral rating: 9.5 out of 10

“Silence” may be the last term you’d expect for a Cadaveria release, but it’s the title for her latest. And it continues all the solid material we’ve come to expect. But with this release there’s a little more “traditional” vocal to augment the harsh vocals she is known for. Doctor T says: “The poetry, still as good as it gets. Another jewel in the crown of the Queen of the Night.”

Read the full review at Sonic Cathedral.

Meet Cadaveria on Facebook.


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