Game Review: Game Dev Tycoon (PC)

profile_lThis review was created entirely by my 11-year-old son/game enthusiast…

I bought Game Dev Tycoon as part of the 2013 Steam Summer Sale.  Business Simulation games weren’t really my style then, so I thought “Hey, I’ll give Game Dev Tycoon a go.” As of now I’ve committed 132 hours of blood, sweat, and tears into this game.  This game is basically centered in the early 1980’s era when videogames were getting very, very popular.

So, I started my videogame developing Simulator Company with the name “Crank Incorporated,” named after Steam Corporation.  My company started out in a location that seemed like a garage that might actually be housing a DMC Delorean.  With $70K, I started development of my first game.  At the moment I had four game topic choices, one of those being “Racing,” so I chose that.  The second choice was of the genres RPG, Simulation, Action, etc.  So, I chose Simulation because I know that racing and simulation is a good combo.  The next choice was naming my game.  I saw some of the forum pages where people made hilarious names such as a military action game being called Call of Dooty, but that didn’t stop me from making a formal name for my racing simulator because I take gaming seriously. Speed Racer was what I chose; named after the somewhat successful film.

Basically that’s all you need to know about your first game-making experience of Game Dev Tycoon.  After that, you watch your company grow and read the reviews on your game.  You can also earn research points to help build a better game and expand your company.  Eventually, you’ll gain around $5 billion and even get to (SPOILER ALERT!) make your own console and a game platform much like Steam or Xbox.  It’s quite a thrill.

diKw9EgBut, many things made me annoyed at the developers, Greenheart Games, for not implementing them.  For example, you can’t add a DLC to your game, even if it did really, really well.  You also can’t have more than 3 locations for your game company; company expansion is limited.

It took more than six mods, or modifications, for me to experience all that I wanted out of the game.  Most big fans of the game, including myself, have been following Greenheart for a while and know that a new game is right around the corner.  Nobody knows whether exactly it is Game Dev Tycoon 2 or not, but we still have to resort to using mods and Steam Workshop items to increase the gaming experience.  So, overall, this game was pretty great with some irritating things here and there, but I enjoyed it overall.

Pros: Excellent replay value, many topics to play with and the choice of mods.

Cons: Low features overall and long game wait for a possible GDT 2.


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  1. That is an impressive amount of blood sweat and tears you put into that game! It’s great when you find little unknown games like that on sale, yay for Steam 🙂 Have you tried any other type of tycoon games? I know there are plenty to choose from.

    I like your review, good length and it brings up everything you need to know to become curious, nice choice of picture and video too, together with the “pros and cons” list it’s easy to get a general overview. With these kind of skills in writing (and gaming) you should definitely write more reviews for us. Thanks you very much for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Great Review!!! I have this game sitting in my Steam backlog of shame (I got it from some Humble Bundle). I think you may have inspired me to more it towards the top of the pile. That’s cool that it uses the Steam Workshop, I really like digging into some user generated content (Legend of Grimrock + Steam Workshop, goodbye hundreds of hours, lol)

    Fun Fact: When Game Dev Tycoon first released the real devs released a ‘bootleg copy’ into the pirating sites. When someone played a pirated copy, when their game got popular enough, piracy would start destroying their sales therefore ruining the players experience. Trolling devs FTW!!!

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