Various progressive metal releases to get excited about in 2015


This is only a small selection of the best upcoming progressive rock/metal releases, some that have already been announced and others from bands who are working on new material.

*It’s been almost four years since the last Symphony X and now it’s time for their ninth work of art to reach our ears. The band says they are going back to their older sound, a mix of previous albums “The Odyssey” and “Paradise Lost” (those are not very old…), less heavy,  more melodic and classic sounding. Interesting! It’s set for an early 2015 release. Listen to older Symphony X.


*A couple of days ago I read a claim that “Australian prog will take over the world”, and felt there’s hope for a bright future after all! Arcane are contributing to this cause, after a successful crowd funding campaign, with their ambitious 2-disc concept album “Known/Learned”, fronted by Caligula’s Horse’s brilliant vocalist Jim Grey. The songs are divided on two discs – the first one being on the heavy, traditional side of prog and the second goes into lighter acoustic/folk songs. A deep, thoughtful story of a father and his daughter on a bittersweet journey through life. Release date: January 20th.


*Dream Theater are still continuously putting out albums after 30 years together, it’s only been two years since their self-titled record, which we thought was good enough, but nothing overly special. Can they surprise us this time? Can they manage to bring something fresh to today’s prog metal or will they just give us another typical, average Dream Theater? We will find out some time this fall.


*The beautiful picture at the top of this post is borrowed from independent, extraordinary prog rockers Rishloo, who recently gave us another masterpiece – their fourth album “Living With Ghosts With Buildings As Teeth”. If it’s counted among last year’s releases or this year’s, I’m not sure, as it was made available for pledgers only last month and for the rest of the world now in January. Don’t miss out on this unique album! Listen here.


*Another great record already released is the long waited for “The World We Used To Know”, the debut by the masters of groovy catchy-ness Shattered SkiesFor fans of uplifting riffs and melancholic piano melodies – get this one:


*In 2011 a very promising new band put out an impressive EP with 7 fresh sounding tracks, but after they went quiet. Until now! Things are brewing in Corelia‘s headquarters and they’ve been posting video clips from recordings of the upcoming full length album, hopefully out in a very near future. It’s sounding good! Please, hurry! Just listen to this:


*For several years now I’ve been wishing for more Porcupine Tree, but Steven Wilson wants differently and adds another proggy solo album to his career. “Hand. Cannot. Erase.” is out worldwide on March 3rd. Teaser.


*Now sharing record label with aforementioned Mr Wilson, my favourite band TesseracT are preparing a third full length. Considering the change in sound between the first two albums, plus the fact that the vocalist from their debut success “One” joined up with the band again, hearing the new material will be particularly exciting. This is a band with integrity and heart, staking out their own special path in the prog jungle. Which direction will they choose to take this time? A heavier sound? More jazz influence? Old school prog? (Oh, please don’t…) The release is planned for September. Listen to “Resist” from 2013.


*Norwegian band Leprous‘ mantra is “do not make the same album twice”, so for their next release we can not expect another “Coal” (2013). Unfortunately. This is a band that continues to surprise, mix genres and push boundaries (they are also the backing band for Emperor’s vocalist Ihsahn’s solo shows). For this album they chose to go with a completely different writing process, so who knows what it will sound like? I haven’t been a big fan of Leprous before, but at last year’s Euroblast festival, their keyboard-heavy prog and impressive vocal performance won me over completely and I’m now looking forward to the release in May!


*Echolapse from Seattle have been working hard on finding their own sound for many years and are finally ready to make a debut. Yay! They have a couple of songs on Bandcamp already and I’ve listened to them an unhealthy amount of times; such a good mix of atmosphere, low-end groove, dark melodies and fantastic vocals. Their style is very accessible and rhythmic, something that will appeal to listeners outside of the metal community as well. Release date: unknown. Listen to “Regression” from the upcoming album “Deadlights”:


*The happiest band I’ve seen on stage is Textures  six good looking guys from The Netherlands, playing the best type of modern progressive metal with skill and precision. They don’t rush between albums, it’s now been over three years since their masterpice “Dualism” (how are they going to top that?) and it’s going to be absolutely thrilling to finally get to hear more from this fine band. Release date unconfirmed.



*The wonderful weirdos in The Sun Explodes have announced that they will treat us with an EP and more music videos very soon! It’s something to be properly excited about, and possibly a little bit scared, you never know what crazy things these guys will do… Believe me, I know. But I love them dearly!

*Other proggy bands who are writing new things:

Sludgy prog rockers Sleepers Awake (their “Transcension” was a huge favourite among us)

British prog/core band Orion (recently released “Yugen”, my favourite EP in 2014)

Melodic tech metallers The Safety Fire will have a new album out at some point this year

Instrumental proggies Scale The Summit are recording their fifth record as we speak

No Consequence are planning to give us their third prog-tech-core album very soon!


Soon can be anything from two days to fifteen months in the album release world, as you all know. Or in Tool’s case, many friggin’ years…



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  2. Great stuff, thanks for all the new music to listen to 😉

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