Various thrash and death metal releases to get excited about in 2015


Thrashy and Heavy Shreds 

*Sci-fi thrashers Vektor have been writing on a new album for quite some time now. There’s no hint of a release date, they are still finishing up everything and we can only hope for another exhilarating Vektor space odyssey soon. In the meantime, here’s from previous masterpiece “Outer Isolation”


*Angelus Apatrida is the name of an excellent thrash act from Spain, giving us their fifth riffage opus “Hidden Evolution” on January 19th.

*Promoting three bands from my own country; first out are the Swedish speedsters Enforcer, gearing up for the imminent release of their fourth full length titled “From Beyond”. Produced entirely by the band themselves and released on Nuclear Blast, it comes with storming killer riffs, proper old school album art and a band logo made of steel! Out on February 27th. Here’s how they sound.

For a more fat rocking sound, check out Denied who state they have only two more tracks to record and are preparing for a release “as soon as possible”. Listen to their single “Three Degrees of Evil” here.

“Get ready for ultimate heavy metal” – Armageddon, a side-project of guitarist Christopher Amott (ex-Arch Enemy), are ready to present their fourth album “Captivity and Devourment” on January 25th. It doesn’t entirely belong in the thrash category of metal, but deserves a good listen.


*Bringing the brutality and groove with influences like Lamb of God and Gojira are the British band Karybdis, who recently have been travelling overseas to record parts for their second album at “one of the top studios in the world with one of the biggest names in metal”. I wonder who that can be? We’ll know soon… Here is their latest single:


*More exciting music, and gorgeous album art, comes from UK band Sylosis (progressive thrash with stoner/doom influence). “Dormant Heart” is a release I personally can’t wait to get my hands on, and will be purchased the first thing on January 12th. After you hear this, you’ll understand (here’s a link to the animated video for those who are interested):


(Near) death metal

*Napalm Death keep adding more and more to the huge pile that is their discography, “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” arrives on January 27th.


*Another well known Swedish band, The Crown (thrashy melo-death), is worth checking out if you like your melodies fast and furious. “Death Is Not Dead” (what?) comes crashing down on January 12th. Listen here.


*Technical death metallers Psycroptic have finished mixing their self-titled album, to be unveiled in the early months of this year. New single here, it sounds very promising!


*Obscura (prog/tech death) are working hard on new songs for us, but will they be ready this year? After the big success with their previous album the anticipation is high!


*There certainly hasn’t been cold enough this season, barely any snow or ice. As a comfort Finnish band Wolfheart (melodic death) brings the “winter metal” into our houses, with not only one, but two, albums! First a re-release (now worldwide) of their debut “Winterborn” on February 2nd and a promise of the sophomore record “Shadow World” later in the year. Listen here.


*No dates or announcements has been made for either Gojira or In Mourning, however, both are saying they’ve been working on new material for a good while. I’m impatiently waiting to hear what these superminds have come up with. Who knows, one day… boom! A release suddenly drops from the sky, filled with heavenly progressive death metal. I love surprises.

Ghostly metal

A Nameless Ghoul wishes to inform you that Ghost are currently crafting an unholy collections of hymns, to be revealed to their Children this year. The Ghouls are collectively looking forward to shedding some more light on this soon.

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  1. Super informational post. I know Anthrax is hard at work, I hope to see something from them this year. That Sylosis sounds pretty cool to me; however, I am not familiar with their catalog. I’ve had my eye on Denied; they are from your neck of the woods. I hope to get a chance to review their material. With so much music released in 2014, I expect a thin 2015. here is a clip from Denied’s last album (2013).

    • I’m pretty sure we’ll get the honour to review Denied. Even I think they’re pretty good! Yep, 2014 was busy, but I have to say that my list of expected releases this year is not in any way shorter than last year. All the bands I like that *didn’t* put out an album last year, will do so this year. Just wait until I get to the post about “prog metal releases to get excited about…” 😛

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