Various black metal releases to get excited about in 2015




Last year was great for black and blackened metal of all varieties, we received goodies like The Great Old Ones, Infestus, Thantifaxath, Behemoth, Enthroned, Ifing, Emptiness and much more. I’m hoping this year will provide us with just as many quality releases, to make our existence darker and more uncomfortable. Just the way we like it.

The New Blacks 

*The ambitious A Forest Of Stars (progressive black) have already shared extensive information about their new album “Beware The Sword You Can Not See”, and it will contain panic, maggots, crumbling cities and mental collapse, presented in a neat package with the most gorgeous looking artwork. Out on February 27th. A taste from previous album:


*Fans of freezing cold metal similar to Dissection might want to check out Germany’s Thulcandra (melodic black) spreading icy chills over the world with “Ascension Lost”, out on January 30th. Listen here.


*Melechesh claims to be playing Sumerian Thrashing black metal, how that sounds will be clear after you’ve heard the 9 tracks on “Enki”, complete with a good list of guest musicians. Out on March 10th. Listen here.


*If what I’ve heard is correct, the excellent black/ambient/noise band Locrian plan to give us a musical treat in the near future. Their 2013 release “Return To Annihilation” was unforgettable:


*No other band crafts spiritual black/folk metal music as well as Romanian band Negură Bunget, and personally I can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us with new full length “TĂU”, released February 15th. As a teaser, here’s a song from their live recordings:


*One of the first Japanese black metal bands SIGH (black/avant garde) have finished recording all the songs which will appear on their tenth album “Graveward”,  and they say “it will be the thickest layered Sigh album ever”, sounds good, doesn’t it? Release date: not yet confirmed. Give one of Sigh’s earlier songs a listen:


*Masters of ghost stories and concept albums, symphonic black metal band Carach Angren finished their fourth album “This Is No Fairytale”, ready for release very soon! On February 23rd, to be more exact. Check out their latest (extremely disturbing) lyric video for the opening track “There’s No Place Like Home”


It’s impossible to follow every interesting band and their plans for the year, this is only a small selection of various black styles, so please add what you’re looking forward to in 2015 in the comments. Any important releases we should know about? Any tasty rumours? Do you know of any reunions, supergroups or other collaborations? 



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