Album Review: Johnny Wore Black – Walking Underwater Part II

walkingunderwaterpt2Album:  Walking Underwater Part II

Release Date:  26 Nov 2014

Songs: 10

Genre:  Alternative / Alt Rock

Previous Albums:  Walking Underwater Part I (2014)

Location:  England 

The latter part of 2014 ushered in the sophomore release from Johnny Wore Black, Walking Underwater Part II – the follow up to Walking Underwater Part I released just eight months earlier in the year…busy guy!  In addition to the previously released tracks – A Cut Above, Noise, and Gift of Desperation, seven new songs round out the album.

In comparison to Walking Underwater Part I, the new set of songs are generally more energetic while retaining the dark, somber atmosphere and poignant lyrical content.  Firefly and Whose Children are new additions that complement the vitality from A Cut Above, a single released prior to the album’s launch.  With those three songs anchoring the upbeat segment, Shine On and Gift of Desperation hold down the subdued emotional side of the album.  Gift of Desperation was released prior to Part I and features Megadeth’s David Ellefson; he is also in the video.

The rest of the songs flow from one tempo to the other relying on the strength of melody and harmony.  The transitions are smooth and the album maintains enough of a varied tempo to keep Part II interesting from start to finish.  Overall, Johnny Wore Black hits the alt rock nail on the head.  Walking Underwater Part II along with Part I will tug on the emotional side of your musical spectrum.  However, there is enough energy to stimulate your senses and keep you listening.

4 out of 5

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Twitter:  @johnnyworeblack

Review:  Click here for Walking Underwater Part I


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