4-Star+ Albums of 2014: Saille / Scapes / The Unguided / Resumed / All The Shelters


The noble mammal on the left, so much more dignified and graceful than the Mammal on Metal State, proudly confers its Elephant Seal of Approval on five more outstanding albums of 2014.

This unique seal confirms that all of the albums would have rated 4 or more out of 5 if the other Mammal had had enough time to review all of them in a year noteworthy for about three good metal releases every day, no kidding. On the Metal State scale, a score of 4 or higher puts an album in the top 3% of everything released in 2014.

In short, any of these albums would have been a more than worthy inclusion on any sensible Best of the Year list.


SailleSaille – Eldritch

Genre: Epic Black Metal
Location: Belgium
Band’s Facebook page: Click here


ScapesScapes – One : Unseen : One

Genre: Atmospheric Metal
Location: Finland
Band’s Facebook page: Click here


The UnguidedThe Unguided – Fragile Immortality

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Location: Sweden
Band’s Facebook page: Click here


ResumedResumed – Alienations

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Location: Italy
Band’s Facebook page: Click here


All The SheltersAll The Shelters – Chasing Light

Genre: Post Hardcore
Location: France
Band’s Facebook page: Click here

More Goodies of 2014: Schöngeist / Kreyskull / Myrkur / Slow Season / Synodik
4-Star+ Albums of 2014: To Be A King / Varathron / Kattah / Tantal / Engraved Disillusion




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