Reggie’s Top 10 Non-Metal Things of 2014 Part II of II

imageOther than metal, I like other things in the entertainment industry.  Usually, videogames occupy a considerable about of my time, but this year it was binge watching lots of TV.  As with my other end-year entertainment lists, not everything here was specifically a 2014 release.  It is on this list because it is new to me though I think you will find that the final season of most things here are from 2014.  What else do you like besides metal and music?  This edition is part 2 of 2 featuring #5-1.

5.  True Detective – TV – HBO

Having Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey certainly helps draw in viewers.  Besides the fact that they are on board and I believe producing it, the storytelling was excellent.  The show takes place over eight episodes and focuses on one case that forever changes the character’s lives.  It comes from the perspective of interviews and flashbacks.  The show is graphic, dark, twisted, and pretty much everything you would expect from HBO and then some.  From what I heard, each season will feature new actors and a new story…the next one allegedly featuring Colin Farrell.  Sounds like another winner in the making.

4.  The Killing Season 1, 2, 3, 4 – TV – AMC/Netflix

The Killing takes place in Seattle, WA.  What is interesting to note is that I think the sun never shines in any episode.  I am sure it does, but probably 90% of the time it is raining and gloomy in the show.  The best part is that one case takes two entire seasons to solve and even up until the end I was still guessing and second guessing myself on who I thought did it.  There is a lot of character development as well…you really get to know the two lead police officers and how messed up their lives are and witness their personal struggles along with struggling to solve the murder of a young teenage girl.  Season four is new this year and only on Netflix.  I binged on all four seasons in about a month.

3.  The Escape Artist – TV 2-Part Mini Series – BBC

The Escape Artist features David Tennant from Doctor Who fame.  It’s strange to see him in another role other than the jolly Doctor, but he nails it as a lawyer.  Again, another story about murder, investigation, and how the lawyer becomes the defendant.  I definitely do not want to spoil this one, but if you can find this on any of the BBC sites or streaming networks it is well worth your time.

2.  Sherlock Series 3 – TV – BBC

Sherlock is brilliant; plain and simple.  Is Series three you get to see how he survives the end of Series two and it’s just so damn cool.  Benedict Cumberbatch is most excellent for this role.

1.  Orphan Black Season 1 & 2 – TV – BBC America

If you haven’t heard about Orphan Black, this is one interesting story.  It’s a sci-fi with many layers.  From Wikipedia …The series focuses on Sarah Manning, a woman who assumes the identity of one of her clones, Elizabeth Childs, after witnessing Childs’ suicide. The series raises issues about the moral and ethical implications of human cloning and its effect on issues of personal identity…

Tatiana Maslany should be up for an Emmy for the multiple roles she plays of her cloned self.  According to Wikipedia she has 12 lead roles though some are short-lived…they die off.  What makes the show great are the characters.  There are a lot of likeable characters, but Maslany’s acting takes center stage.  When she plays any of the clones, she is believable.  When she plays Allison, you believe she is Alison, or Cosima, or Helena, or Rachel.  They all have certain looks and mannerisms that tell them apart besides just their hair style and color.   They walk a certain way, act a certain way, and talk a certain way.  The show is not as confusing as it sounds.  Season 3 is out in April…can’t wait!

Bonus:  Gone Girl (Movie)

I put this in as a bonus because it is really the only movie I saw that was still mind-blowing even though I read the book and knew exactly what was going to happen.  Acting on all levels was great.  I think even the Affleck haters will still hate, but for those that have an open mind, the transition from the written word to screen was seamless and still suspenseful even though you know what’s coming.

As you can see TV dominated my life this year in entertainment.  I don’t normally watch a lot of TV, but seems these days it’s better than the movie theater.  I also enjoyed Game of Thrones Season 4, but really only a few episodes were WTF moments.  Doctor Who Season 8 was cool too, but I think it had a hard time being consistently good where just a few episodes were excellent while most others were just…good.  House of Cards Season 2 (Netflix) had a few holy crap moments and carried the same momentum it had from the first season.  Kevin Spacey does a bang up job playing a crooked politician.

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  1. ChristopherMammal

    “Orphan Black” had my wife transfixed. I must watch some TV some time.

  2. Sherlock is fantastic (watched all the episodes more than three times now), The Escape Artist is great as well, I love British tv-series. We started watching True Detective, but then other series, like Homeland, came in the way and it was forgotten. Didn’t know Orphan Black was that good, worth investigating, thanks!

    For us music/rock fans I highly recommend Foo Fighters documentary series “Sonic Highways”, it’s a really neat concept.

    And I agree about “Gone Girl” – they really did the book justice, amazing story made for a great movie. Ben Affleck did a nice job, no hating here 😉 For non-native English speakers (that didn’t read the book) it’s a bit difficult to follow the fast paced, witty conversations without subtitles.

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