VK Lynne’s Top Albums of 2014

VK LynneI have a deeply personal interest in sharing VK Lynne’s Top Ten – we may soon be in-laws. Her voice has agreed to marry my speakers as soon as my speakers pay the bride price in dark chocolate. How long do you think it’ll take them to collect three tons of chocolate?

At the risk of sounding slightly effusive, I have to say VK is wonderful. Her voice sounds like the taste of dark chocolate. She’s witty, highly intelligent, an excellent writer, and she works her butt off in her music. It’s not only her own projects that gain from her endless energy. She was a co-founder of Eve’s Apple, a worldwide community of professional female singers. For several years MFVF, the annual Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium, opened with a group concert by members of Eve’s Apple. VK is a crusader and champion for women in metal.

This year she’s done an album with the prog metal outfit stOrk, which I listed in my best albums of 2014. Her more recent project is the multinational From Light Rose The Angels (FLRTA), who perform melodic rock and metal. I said she would be in BIG trouble if she didn’t rank those two albums where they deserved to be, which is high up in her estimation. VK was pleased to be able to salute the super musicians she’s worked with.

Meet VK on her Facebook page and FLRTA on their Facebook page. Here’s VK’s top ten.

10. stOrk – Broken Pieces

9. Leah – Kings & Queens

8. Dark Sarah – Episode 1

7. Xandria – Sacrificium

6. Delain – The Human Contradiction

5. Within Temptation – Hydra

4. Stream of Passion – A War of Our Own

3. Enemy of Reality – Rejected Gods

2. White Empress – Rise of the Empress

1. From Light Rose the Angels – self-titled EP



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