A Peculiar Diversion: Heino – Schwarz Blüht der Enzian

Worst-Album-Covers-HeinoSome months ago I took a poll among my Facebook friends to decide what was the worst album cover ever produced. This one for an album by Heino was the clear winner – or should that be the worst loser?

Heino was a very young German balladeer when his “Liebe Mutter” was released. That would have been about 1743 BC.

Since then he’s been through a few transformations, always carried forward by his big, rich voice. His most recent album, released this year, is – amazingly – folk metal.

I think it’s terrific. If I’d known about it earlier, it would have been my Album of the Year… OK, so that’s a mild exaggeration, but only in the sense that it’s a complete lie. Even so, I think this is rather jolly. Astound your friends by playing it for them and doing some moshing.



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  1. All this time I had no idea that was a dude on the cover.

  2. I don’t see what’s so bad about that album cover, it’s a guy giving roses (that never fades!) to his beloved mother, right? The glasses might be a bit frightening, but he’s dressed nicely, his hair is combed neatly. Are people making fun of the way he looks?

    I’m laughing a little when I hear the song though 😛

  3. ChristopherMammal

    It’s the total schmaltz and cheesiness of the cover that makes people laugh.

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