Mik’s Top 16 Albums of 2014 (Part 1)


Part 2 can be found here.

Ross Ellis 12" Gatefold 1129816. Trap Them – Blissfucker (black/grind) – The album title describes it perfectly.


a1720505403_1015. Nexilva – Eschatologies (atmospheric deathcore) – Whenever I’m in need for uplifting, empowering energy, this is my album of choice. Nexilva is a young band with a knack for fun compositions and classy, pitch black grooves, delivered with plenty of thundering enthusiasm.


download14. Piano – Salvage Architecture (alternative rock/prog) – “Salvage Architecture” is less pop-ish than Piano’s previous releases, but it’s still easy listening. Every song is elegant and dense with mesmerizing lyrics and melodies that stay in my head for a long time.


0003859870_1013. Opus Of A Machine – Simulacra (progressive rock) – Zac Greensill (also guitarist in the brilliant Caligula’s Horse) is the reason I checked out this album and their melancholic, memorable songs quickly grew on me. It’s a highly captivating debut and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for these lovely guys.


a0462961414_1012. Young and In The Way – When Life Comes To Death (black/crust) – Nasty, misanthropic anger, furious hatred and snarls. Because that’s exactly what one needs when life gets tough. Fuck this life, we are nothing, embrace extinction!


Exist-Immortal-Darkness-Of-An-Age-album-art11. Exist Immortal – Darkness Of An Age (prog metal) – Another excellent debut, for reasons unknown this one took me forever to like and not even after seeing the band live did I get their music. It slowly changed and now I can’t live without it. Full of personality and dark charm; wherever you turn your ears there’s another catchy melody waiting to be heard and more growls and grooves to swing your hairy ones to.


The very best EP’s:

Orion – Yugen – Possibly my most played record this year, I love this one dearly. Listen here

Mountains Under Oceans – EP  – Magical instrumental post-y music. Listen here 

Core of iO – With Gravity As My Hostess – Fun earworms with a unique sound. Listen here


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  1. ChristopherMammal

    It’s comforting to see you’re still wandering down less-trodden paths, Mik.

    • Less-trodden path in the UK, haha. Half of the albums on my full list are from UK bands. Visited too many festivals there in the past few years, I think.

  2. As much as I would love to say “great list” there are too many bands I have yet to sink my teeth into. I have heard good things about Trap Them. I listened to Piano enough to still not have an opinion and Opus of a Machine I have barely scratched the surface. However, it is a “great list” because it’s your list and you feel strongly about these bands. It continues to amaze me how much untapped metal is out there…on an individual level…so much to check out. Between the four of us, our lists are quite varied. I look forward to see what else is on your list. Nice presentation too! I like those song files you put with each song.

    • Thanks! Bandcamp song links make it look less cluttered and more colourful, it’s really nice. I’m also surprised by the variety in our lists, we certainly don’t have many of the same bands. And I have 7 debut albums in mine.

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