Album Review: Ghost Brigade – IV – One With The Storm

ghost_brigade_one_with_the_storm_54b7ab2377Label:  Music Kickup

Album:  IV – One With The Storm

Release Date:  3 Nov 14

Songs:  12

Length:  79 Minutes (includes two remixed tracks)

Style:  Hard to define

Previous Albums:  Guided By Fire (2007); Isolation Songs (2009); Until Fear No Longer Defines Us (2011)

Location:  Finland

FFO:  Paradise Lost, Katatonia. Opeth 

It will probably be unfathomable to know that until about three months ago I did not know Ghost Brigade existed.  Yes, despite writing reviews for about four years now, there are still bands out there I have not heard of.  Or perhaps I am growing tired of listening to new things.  Either way, it goes to show just how much metal is out there; a bottomless pit.  Nonetheless, Ghost Brigade and all their awesomeness is not a band I should have missed out on.  Since that fateful introduction to Until Fear No Longer Defines Us just a few months ago, I now own three of their albums; all but the first.  This leads me to the review of IV-One With The Storm.

Before I begin it goes without saying, if you haven’t caught Ghost Brigade I must implore you now to check them out with whatever means you have – stream, borrow, buy, etc.  I highly doubt you will be disappointed if you like melodic, gloomy music with both clean and growly vocals and instrumentation ranging from elementary hard rock tempos to blistering death/doom metal.  This is why you get the Katatonia/Opeth comparison – best of both worlds.

The main thing that impresses me with Ghost Brigade is the vocal range of Manne Ikonen.  It’s not very often a vocalist chills me to the core.  If so, it’s usually a female vocalist, but Ikonen’s cleans are chilling and his growls and haunting.  On both fronts I am captivated as he utilizes his talents to achieve the necessary vocal effect for the songs.  The music is carefully crafted and full of melancholic emotion; see Disembodied Voices and the 10+ minute opus Electra Complex.

Stones and Pillars is an excellent example where things lean very heavy.  As mentioned, the growls are devastating and the tempo damaging.  It’s not like a Cannibal Corpse song or anything like that, but still punishingly heavy in its own special way.  This isn’t the kind of song that would be played on non-satellite radio in America unless it was some late night metal show.

Overall, the album affects the mood.  It isn’t just music to snap your finger to; but to feel something from on an emotional level.  Ghost Brigade does that with wide-ranging tempos and multi-ranged vocals all utilized…pretty much to perfection.     Understandably, not every metal fan is into dark, brooding metal.  Setting aside my affinity for the new band in my life, IV-One With The Storm is a terrific album of wide-ranging emotions from the peaceful/serene to the unbiased death metal cadence all of which are born from a recipe of melancholy.

5 out of 5


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