Album Review: Black Map – …And We Explode

Black_Map_Explode_Cover_1500x1500_rgbLabel:  Minus Head Records

Album:  …And We Explode

Songs:  12

Length:  45 Minutes

Style:  Progressive / Alt / Grunge / Hard Rock

Previous Albums:  This is their debut

Location:  San Francisco, CA, USA

FFO:  Deftones, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Soundgarden, Nirvana, U2

As many bands are born, Black Map is a conglomeration; these guys forming from San Francisco bands – Trophy Fire, Dredg, and Far.  Through touring and becoming friends; Black Map was created.  With that, they brought their talent and influences together to create something that is cool, smart, melodic, hard-hitting, artistic, and sometimes a little weird.  To say they least, they are not limiting themselves to the confines of any sort of rules which make them unique in a music world where everyone is trying to carve a niche and leave a mark.

As the album develops, a more aggressive song like Gemini is worthy of potential large crowd movement whereas Melee induces the itch to sing along.  I’m Just The Driver is more alt rock and grungy (fitting for the lyrical content) reminding me of a Kurt Cobain style on vocals; a little sick, but melodic at the same time.  And We Explode Pt 2 embraces the more subtle side boasting very clean vocals with a chilling, haunting vibe.  These are three example of the diversity across 12 songs.

Because of their eclectic ability, it’s hard to say “listen to this one song” and you’ll get Black Map. It’s not that easy as it can be with many bands.  As their name implies, Black Map represents unchartered territory which they have explored very well and pieced it together over 45 minutes.  Despite each song being decidedly distinctive, the set comes together to form a solid album that is focused and remarkably fulfilling.  This is one of those albums that is an experience to be enjoyed if you have the time and the solitude to relish every nook and cranny.

3.8 out of 5


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