Middle Eastern Magic: Acrassicauda – Garden of Stones

AcrassicaudaA huge amount of metal is fueled by anger at the wrongs in this world and protest against the grim clutches of oppression. Few metal bands, though, have had to endure as much grim reality as Acrassicauda, who had no choice but to flee from the darkness in their tormented home city of Baghdad. Leaving so much that they held dear behind them in Iraq, the band followed the tortuous route of the exile before finally finding a safe haven in New York.

Any form of metal has to hide in the shadows in Iraq. Extremists who continue to torture the country branded Acrassicauda as satanists. That condemnation carries an automatic death sentence. The band’s underground rehearsal room was bombed. The band began to receive death threats. Some of their fans were murdered merely for listening to metal.

The guys who make up the band – Faisal Muatafa (vocals), Marwan Hussien (drums), Firas Abdul Razaq (bass) and Moe Al Ansari (guitar) – can never return to the land of their birth. Too many evil people would hunt them down and slaughter them if they did. It’s quite something to risk your life for your art. As the band say on their Facebook page, “Nobody was expecting that in Iraq heavy metal could exist. We started and we’re not gonna stop.”

Their music is truly Arabic heavy metal played from the depths of their hearts.




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