Middle Eastern Magic: Acyl – The Birth of an Idea

AcylThe word “acyl” is Arabic for “genuine, authentic”. The band took that name to mirror their dedication to a concept of ethnic experimental metal that started forming in 2006.  To date they’ve recorded one EP, “The Angel’s Sin” (2010) and a truly remarkable album, “Algebra” (2011). They don’t churn out songs. They won’t record anything until they are 100% satisfied that the song is 100% right.

The result is a small but extraordinary and beautiful volume of work. It combines Arabic musical structures and instruments extensively with Western rock and metal. It is an outstanding salute to the ancient Berber culture of the Algerian Sahara.

The band is on Facebook and well worth visiting. Their music is so rich and varied that I’m posting two songs to give you a better glimpse of their scope and variety.


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  1. I like! Really original-sounding. Mixing such contrasting styles in a way that avoids being clunky or cheesy whilst remaining accessible is no mean feat. These guys have nailed it tho.
    The clip for ‘Birth…’ reminds me of Tool or Porcupine Tree, and the mood of the song is somewhat reminiscent of the former, also Slipknot’s Iowa. Good choices Mr Mammal 🙂

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