Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2011, #4 – #1

MetalCatThe theme running through my top four songs of 2011 is Bloody Good Musical Music Performed Bloody Well.

By the way, elephants don’t have four knees. That’s a common misconception among people who are interested in knees and/or elephants. Like other mammals, they have knees on their hind legs, not the front pair.

Dark Metal Cat slept last night with one knee on my ear. When I try to move him he bites me. No elephants have ever done that.


2011, #4: Haken – Shapeshifter

Album: Visions
Country: UK
Genre: Progressive Metal


2011, #3: Leprous – Bilateral

Album: Bilateral
Country: Norway
Genre: Progressive Metal


2011, #2: Thurisaz – My Precious Unknown

Album: The Cimmerian Years
Country: Belgium
Genre: Progressive Metal


2011, #1: Xerath – Unite to Deify

Album: II
Country: UK
Genre: Progressive Death Metal


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