Comedy Metal Video: Sonata Antartika – Check In

I’ve just happened upon this band during one of my many random trawling expeditions. The band is Greek and, from their name alone, they are literally poles apart from Sonata Arctica. They play melodic death metal (of sorts) with clean vocals (i.e. no growling). The band themselves call their music comedy metal.

This song is such good fun, and the video is so enjoyably silly, that I have to share it with you beautiful people (except for WarpRider and RiffRaff, who are vewwy handsome rather than beautiful; Irmelinis makes up for that by being as beautiful as three people). Behind the frolics, however, there is some damn fine musicianship in action here. As for the vocals by Boutos, just wait until the closing bars. His range is extraordinary.

This is possibly the happpiest death metal I’ve heard. Like the band? Meet them on Facebook.


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