Middle Eastern Magic: Arsames – Immortal Identity


As mentioned in the first part of this series yesterday, our intention and hope is to introduce the richness and variety of Oriental metal to everyone who doesn’t know a great deal about Oriental metal but does love bloody good music.

Arsames is a melodic death metal band from Iran, a country not particularly known for encouraging any type of metal. Their style is fairly brutal – you could grate concrete on that voice. Any form of death metal is officially branded as satanic in Iran. These guys are literally sticking their necks out for the sake of their art in a society where it’s illegal to listen to death metal, never mind actually play it.

The music of Arsames draws deeply from the myths and legends of ancient Persia, which became Iran. Pardon my vile language, but the attitude of these guys is: “Fuck the politics, let’s make music.”


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