Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2011, #16 – #13

MetalCat“So, Mammal, your true colours are really showing now,” a few of you say, although not in tune with each other. “Four songs today, and all of them are progressive metal. You’re just a hippie in metalhead clothing.”

“Not true!” I protest, in perfect harmony with myself. “I’m a hybrid. It just happens that my favourite songs sorted themselves this way when I was compiling my hit parade.”

Dark Metal Cat adds, “Yeah, and a non-metal creature listening to those four songs consecutively wouldn’t ask if they were all prog metal, it would ask if they’re the same kind of music at all apart from having guitars and drums.”


2011, #16: Textures – Minor Earth, Major Skies

Album: Dualism
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Progressive Metal


2011, #15: Symphony X – Heretic

Album: Iconoclast
Country: USA
Genre: Progressive Metal


2011, #14: The Devin Townsend Project – Juular

Album: Deconstruction
Country: Canada
Genre: Progressive Metal


2011, #13: Eumeria – Dreaming of Death

Album: Rebel Mind
Country: USA
Genre: Progressive Metal


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