Album Review: Obituary – Inked in Blood

PromoImageLabel:  Relapse

Release Date:  28 Oct 2014

Genre:  Death Metal

Songs:  12

Length:  50 Minutes

Albums:  Slowly We Rot (1989); Cause of Death (1990); The End Complete (1992); World Demise (1994); Back From The Dead (1997); Frozen In Time (2005); Xecutioner’s Return (2007); Darkest Day (2009).

Location:  United States

FFO:  Groove-Oriented Death Metal 

I am not sure whether to call Obituary’s Inked in Blood a comeback or not, though it worth mentioning it’s been five years since their latest output. It seems like it would be second coming if you ask me.  Yeah, let’s go with that.  The latest dose of death features mostly returning cadre and a couple of new additions on guitar and bass; Kenny Andrews and Terry Butler respectively. The Tardy brothers are back in full form along with Trevor Peres…three of the original members.  What does this mean for the music?  Well, it pretty much means it sounds very much like groove-laden death metal that Obituary is and was always known for.

I haven’t really been into the band much since World Demise (1994).  After that, I dabbled here and there, but I grew tired of Obituary’s formula a bit and I missed out on a few albums that I may go back and try.  But, for the sake of the here and now, this new (sort of) reinvigorated band that is (sort of) making another comeback are firing on all applicable cylinders.  That’s not to say Inked in Blood tops their awesome albums of yesteryear, but it’s pretty damn close.

Inked in Blood is certainly worthy for any long-time Obituary fan.  Tardy’s vocals are as growly as they were decades ago and the death-groove is as intact as it ever was.  Let their consistency be one of their downsides.  Most of the songs are hard to distinguish until you give the album several spins, then they start to take their own identity. Overall, Inked in Blood’s vibe is reminiscent of older material…solid crowd-pleasing death metal. Obituary fans should be pleased.  I am!

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