Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2010, #4 – #1

MetalCatProg metal dominates the top of my personal 2010 hit parade. That makes sense since I deeply love progressive rock in its many forms. Metal which is partly influenced by prog structures naturally strikes many chords in me.

The three types of prog metal today are very different, covering melodic, Oriental and the more avant-garde styles. As far as I’m concerned, a lot of symphonic metal (thank you, Therion) is also laced with prog.

Dark Metal Cat likes anything laced with catnip.


2010, #4: Therion – Introduction/Sitra Ahra

Album: Sitra Ahra
Country: Sweden
Genre: Symphonic Heavy Metal


2010, #3: Vanden Plas – Holes in the Sky

Album: The Seraphic Clockwork
Country: Germany
Genre: Progressive Metal


2010, #2: Myrath – Forever and a Day

Album: The Desert Call
Country: Tunisia
Genre: Oriental Progressive Metal


2010, #1: Haken – The Point Of No Return

Album: Aquarius
Country: UK
Genre: Progressive Metal


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