Album Review: Maskin – Storm

Maskin_Storm_digicover-300x300Label: Mosquito Recordings

Album:  Storm.  This is their debut

Release Date:  3 Sep 14

Genre:  Stoner / Hard Rock

Songs:  8

Length:  44 Minutes

Location:  Sweden

FFO:  Kyuss, Bong Cauldron, Gringo, Vista Chino 

I didn’t realize stoner rock bands came from Sweden.  I guess I should stop labeling that country the melodic death metal capital of the world.  Maskin is an emerging stoner band to take note of.  Their debut album is reminiscent of a classic late 70s vibe, hence the heavy rock stoner presence.

The songs flow pretty smoothly from beginning to end rarely discovering new ground.  Their foundation is based solidly on a on hard rock/70s vibe; it takes you back to that era even if you weren’t born yet; you get to live it through this album.  Enjoy the ride; the hard rock tempos keep your fingers tapping.  They have a clean style as opposed to the very dirty, heavy sludge bands out there that boast a slurry of riffs on low-tuned guitars.

Overall, Maskin creates a cool ambiance with largely understandable lyrics combined with cool hard rock tempos – accessible outside the realm of stoner rock.  Or, as the band calls their own style stoner boogie galactic fuzz rock.  Enjoy!


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