Retro Roundtable Review: Anacrusis – Screams And Whispers

291Label: Metal Blade Records

Release Date:  May 11th, 1993

Songs:  12

Length: 1 hour

Genre:  Progressive/Thrash

Studio Albums: Suffering Hour 1988, Reason 1990, Manic Impressions 1991

Location:  Missouri, USA




WarpRider – For more than 20 years I have been saying I need to go back and check out this band. The first time I heard them was seeing them open for Overkill back around 1990 and from then on I always meant to follow up. I have no excuse, but thanks to Mik’s retro review selection I get the chance to do what I have always wanted to do. Of course, I kick myself for not doing this a couple of decades ago. Personally, Anacrusis is a unique band; I think a little ahead of their time with their emphasis on progressive metal. When the standard formula was thrash (back then), these guys stuck out from the pack. Not to mention, Grunge got in the way of these guys ever being more commercially successful in the US. Screams and Whispers is a strong album that A – I am glad I got to familiarize myself with and B – held up well over the last few decades. I highly doubt it will take another 20 years to check out other albums…

Anacrusis-93promo1_2Irmelinis – “We seduce the past, and draw it close, and hold it tight, and never let it go. Until we hurt ourselves, and hate ourselves, and blame ourselves again… Again.” Here is an underrated band that don’t follow many clichés, they blend styles and atmospheresas they see fit into something original, complex and progressive. Maybe not brutal all the time, but they make up for it with great songwriting skills and creativity. The music and lyrics are dark, but quite smoothly laid back. The singer is fantastic and unique; both the screaming, the whispers and singing give me chills every time. I’ve only followed them for a couple of years, but I wish I had found out about them back when they were still active. Luckily, Anacrusis’ main man/frontman Kenn Nardi is releasing double solo-album in January next year, for those who wants more of this atmospheric thrashy sound.

ChristopherMammal –  Compared with all the thrash, prog metal and combinations of both that were available in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Anacrusis is take it or leave it as far as I go. In the case of Ken Nardi’s vocals, it’s much more on the leave it side than the take it. Neither his voice nor his style appeal to me at all. “Screams and Whispers” is too bland for thrash or technical metal and too uncreative for prog. I may be missing the point totally. After all, I don’t relate in any significant way to the thrash giants, Slayer, or the prog/alt metal mish-mash, Tool.

A Metal State of Mind Score – N/A


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