Album Review: Disasterhate – Mirroring The Abyss

PromoImage (2)For Fans of:  Arch Enemy, Forbidden, Fear Factory

Record Label:  Club Inferno Ent.

Release date:  22 Sep 14

Album:  Mirroring the Abyss (This is their debut album)

Genre:  Thrash / Death Metal

Nationality:  Italy

Songs:  9

Length:  43 Minutes

The appealing part of Disasterhate’s Mirroring the Abyss is how the violent chaos comes together to form a coherent explosion of piercing vocals and raw musicianship.  The Sicilian quartet is reminiscent of the early Fear Factory days with the frantic 80s vibe of Forbidden.  Reitia’s infrequent bursts of clean vocals counterbalance the deathly shrieks and keeps the album from being too raw for too long.  Blank is a much slower song with a slight ominous feel to it further giving the album more depth and a break midpoint from the fierce pace it maintains.  It is short though, at just under three minutes.

Overall, this isn’t the kind of album that might help you get to sleep at night.  These ladies (and one guy) aren’t here to play pretty music with pretty choruses that you can play at parties so the majority of the people will enjoy it.  Disasterhate is for the seasoned metal fan that appreciates a little coordinated chaos.


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  1. Thanks for the tip will check out this band more!

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