Album Review: Adimiron – Timelapse

a3305286590_2Label: Scarlet Records

Album:  Timelapse; this is their fourth album

Release Date:  3 Nov 14

Genre:  Avant-Garde / Progressive / Post Death Metal

Songs:  9

Length:  43 Minutes

Location:  Italy 

It’s hard to find similar bands to compare Adimiron’s intense diversity.  Their blend of distinctively complex genres gives them a unique edge over their counterparts that fall into similar subgenres.  State of Persistence has some brutally heavy cadences leaning more toward straightforward death metal.  The time signatures during Redemption and The Giant and the Crow lean more toward the progressive side.  Whichever way the songs lean; the mix of metal styles on Timelapse keeps the album very interesting because you never know where the next song is going to take you.  It is also worth mentioning that though the songs differ quite a bit, it doesn’t come off as disjointed or make you feel like the band has no direction.  This all works very well with seamless transitions and a high level of intensity.

The beauty of the album is being showered with blast beats; comprehensible gritty vocals; and often Tool-esque progressiveness (See Ayahuasca) in their musicianship.  Because of their ability to create a wide range of sounds and incorporate them into harmonic bliss, Timelapse has an intense mix of robust metal elements.  Redemption is their first single (available for streaming below) and should be an adequate indication of the quality metal waiting to be discovered on the new album.

The album teaser shows the more progressive side of the album.  Trust me, death metal fans should dive a little deeper and check this out.

The single for Redemption available on bandcamp.

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  1. fuckin awesome band!.

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