Album Review: Iron Reagan – The Tyranny of Will

Iron-Reagan-AlbumLabel:  Relapse Records

Album:  The Tyranny of Will

Previous Albums:  Worse Than Dead (2013); Exhumed/Iron Reagan Split (2014); Spoiled Identity EP (2014).

Genre:  Hardcore / Crossover Thrash / Punk

Songs:  24 (25 if you have the bonus track)

Length:  32 Minutes

From:  Richmond, VA, USA

FFO:  Municipal Waste, S.O.D., M.O.D., D.R.I., Cro-Mags, Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, Bio-Hazard

What do you get when you take members of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, Darkest Hour, and Hellbear and put them into one band?  You get something that sounds mostly like Municipal Waste and you have vocalist Tony Foresta to thank for that.  His vocal style stands out among the crowd unless John Connelly (Nuclear Assault) is in said crowd.  Setting those similarities with Connelly aside, Foresta and crew ripped 24 songs in just over 30 minutes to make up this Iron Reagan blitz of hardcore + thrash + punk = fun.

Verbalizing what appears to be their disdain for politics, violence, and social misfortunes, Iron Reagan pulls no punches.  The aptly titled Patriotic Shock, Four More Years, and Bill of Rights clearly express their view of the American political situation.

“I cast my ballot things will change this time

This vote will really benefit my life

It seems you are about to walk into a patriotic shock”

If you know anything about guns, Glocking Out should be pretty self-explanatory.  Your Kid’s An Asshole is another song short on words with the title only being repeated several times for effect.  What more can you say in a song other than “Your Kid’s An Asshole?”  In the end, the lyrical themes remind me of the kid wearing the Slayer shirt in the Megadeth video for Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying.  The father walks into the room and says “I want to watch the news” and the kid says “This IS the news” and turns the TV back to the video where the remaining segment of the video plays out with news clips in a strobe light effect.  Basically, the album centers on topics that plague not only American society, but society as a whole…things you see on the new practically every day.  It’s depressing when you think about it, but the music is where the entertainment value increases.

The hardcore, thrashy music is the perfect backdrop for such lyrical themes.  It’s riff heavy, aggressive, and pit-inducing which takes on the depressing societal themes and makes you feel good.  Foresta’s vocal style is such that they are belligerent, but understandable if you are paying attention.  With the anti-politics and ills of society themes, the abrupt, aggressive, and raw nature of the songs is a music/lyrics marriage that is tried and true; not very original as far as the history of metal is concerned, but how many other bands are doing this right now?  Not many.  Overall, it’s fast and aggressive and is heavily reminiscent of many crossover thrash bands of a few decades ago.   Bottom line, Iron Reagan is very to-the-point lyrically, but more importantly quite a fun listen and well worth a whopping 32 minutes of your time.


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