Death Metal Mini Review Madness: Centinex; Deserted Fear; Fornicus; White Empress; Calm Hatchery

Centinex – Redeeming The Filth


I can first describe Centinex has a faster paced Six feet Under.  They have that infectious rhythmic groove, but it’s just a little faster and equally ruthless.  Death Glance and Bloodraze are born of scorching cadence along with many others; built for the pit.  The good thing is that not all of their songs are just neck snapping fervor.  Ok, the neck snapping part might be true, but Centinex tones things down a bit focusing more on a vicious groove with songs such as Stone of Choice, Unrestrained, and Rotting Below.  In terms of death metal; it’s a diverse album highly recommended for anyone into death metal acts such as Cannibal Corpse, Six feet Under, and Obituary…just to name a few.

Deserted Fear – Kingdom of Worms

Deserted Fear

The ominous churchy intro is a nice touch before diving into Forging Delusions; a vicious attack on the senses.  The vocal range is growling and sick accompanied by large doses of double bass kick and a few embedded solos.  The solos are nice as they add a little flair to music that is otherwise consistently heavy.  I will even take it a step further and say that Deserted Fear has a slight knack for the progressive edge with some interesting time signatures and transitions.  Personally, I like death metal bands that bring something to the table other than sheer speed.  So far both Centinex and Deserted Fear display those additional attributes that keeps the albums interesting.

Fornicus – Storming Heaven


Another religious-themed intro; seems like the obligatory opening for a death metal album no matter which god or deity it appears to be praising or humiliating.  The vocal style immediately reminded me of what little I have heard of Satyricon; though the vocalist displays varying degrees of growl.  The groove is consistent and flows well; guitars kind of remind me of a classic Kerry King style with some of the solos.  Overall, I like the consistency which in some cases borderlines black metal.  The solos are a nice touch; all around a nice deathly dose of metal.  The Sepultura cover of Antichrist is a nice additional as well.

White Empress – Rise Of The Empress

CDVILEF545 20pp Bk.indd

For those into Cradle of Filth you may hear something familiar, but not necessarily in the vein of symphonic black metal; at least not 100%.  White Empress is Filth’s former guitarist Paul Allender’s new band since his departure from Filth in April 2014.  Though there are some black-ish Filth influences going on here, think of this as a little Cradle of Filth mixed in with some straightforward metal elements with a growly female vocalist who also throws in some cleans.  It makes for an interesting mix of styles from fierce and intense to finger-snapping symphonic cadences.  You know what, it’s kind of hard to describe.  Overall, it’s mostly dark and deathly; not a bad start at all for Allender’s new project.  That’s probably all you really need to know.  Obviously, for fans of Cradle of Filth…is a start.

Calm Hatchery – Fading Reliefs

CAlm Hatchery

Based on the name I never would have guessed a death metal band.  In fact, I couldn’t guess anything based on that name.  But, after close examination what we have here is a pungent dose of death metal blast beats with an emphasis on speed and bone crushing tempos.  This is a very straightforward, no frills death metal band with nothing to hide.  Calm Hatchery is pretty much going to kick your teeth in and in terms of quality death metal, that’s a good thing.

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